WizClipz : my new favorite source for coupons

I am really super excited to tell you about WizClipz.  I am so excited that I am going to change how I coupon and also start sharing about WizClipz in my coupon classes.

I knew that lots of people sold coupons, on ebay or other businesses.  I knew that lots of couponers, bought these coupons in bulk and did their shopping. But I never really tried it myself or had the desire to try it myself.

Since, our paper went up from $1.25 to $2, and the summer has been super busy for me, I haven’t really been buying the paper.  I have been frustrated that I am now forced to spend an extra $1.50 a week ($6 a month) to get my 2 newspapers a week, when sometimes those papers, don’t even have all the high value coupons.

Now let’s enter WizClipz coupon clipping service, and why I like them:

  • I know the owner of WizClipz, he is a real guy with a real awesome business, who is committed to quality.
  • They have a super fast system and will get your coupons in the mail, super fast.  They are based in Florida.
  • They get different coupons than we do in NJ, Like this $0.75/1 Luigi’s Italian ice coupon (we got $0.75/2)  This will  make for super great deals for those of us that have stores that double (like Shoprite and Stop n Shop)
  • Their prices are $1.50 for a 10 pack of a coupon. So, let’s just take the above coupon as an example. If your store doubles, it is like you are buying 1 coupon and getting 9 coupons free!  Their prices don’t fluctuate, so that $2 Stayfree coupon in yesterday’s paper?  Well, you could have gotten $20 worth of coupons (free Stayfree this week at many stores) for only $1.50!!!!!!!!!!!! (Now that coupon is already sold out, but I am just using it as an awesome illustration)

I am going to try and highlight each week the awesome coupons for us Shoprite Shoppers, so that you can get your orders in and  have your coupons in time for a great sale!

Note-The new coupons for the week go on sale at 8 am the Saturday BEFORE they are released.  So, this week’s coupons (7/22) were available for sale on Saturday 7/21, at 8 am.

I am so excited about WizClipz that we have partnered with them!  Please check them out through our link here!

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