What to Buy at the Dollar Store – Coupon Class Tip

What to Buy at the Dollar Store

Do you ever wonder what to buy at the Dollar Store? Here is a list of my Dollar Store Must Haves. These are the items that I always go to the Dollar Store to purchase.

In addition to finding out what to buy at the Dollar Store, you will also find what not to buy and some extra money saving tips below- 

What to Buy at the Dollar Store

Things to Buy at the Dollar Store: Party Supplies

  • Buy – Plates, Cups, balloons, tablecloths, some party favors
  • Don’t Buy – Plasticware: Forks, Knives, Spoons.  They are usually cheaper and or poor quality, some party favors are just too cheap and pathetic (look over carefully what you are purchasing)
  • Money Saving Tip – Even if you are doing a themed party, like Hello Kitty, or Ninjago, you can still save big, buy getting some plain solid color plates and cups at the Dollar Store and then grab some character themed supplies to embellish

Things to Buy at the Dollar Store: Gift Bags & Wrapping Paper

  • Buy – Gift Bags, Wrapping Paper, Ribbon
  • The prices on the gift bags can’t be beat!
  • Money Saving Tip – Buy extra neutral gift bags to have on hand, so when you need one at the last minute
  • The wrapping paper is a little thinner and of less quality than regular stores, BUT, it is not that bad and you will save a bundle. Besides, the paper will be torn off and thrown out in a matter of seconds.  I actually was able to get character themed Christmas wrapping paper for my kids at the Dollar Store this year. It was adorable and only $1

Things to Buy at the Dollar Store: Greeting Cards

  • Buy – Greeting Cards, they are usually $1 or 2 for $1 at Dollar Stores. They are usually 3 – 5 times that amount at other stores. 
  • Money Saving Tip – Just like gift bags, buy extra so that you have them on hand for when you need them.

Things to Buy at the Dollar Store:  Seasonal Items

  • Buy – Seasonal and Holiday items like Halloween buckets, holiday window clings, pool noodles, beach pails/toys, plastic gift bags for Valentine, Christmas, and Halloween treats, seasonal pencils, and more
  • Don’t Buy – pool goggles, I tried, they are awful

Things to Buy at the Dollar Store: Craft Supplies

  • Buy – Glitter Glue, stickers, foam shapes, popsicle sticks, pencils, pom-poms
  • Don’t Buy – Crayons, Markers, watercolor paints, glue, scissors the quality is no where near as good as the name brand

Things to Buy at the Dollar Store: Kids Items

  • Buy – Glow Sticks, Coloring Books, Work books, stickers 
  • Don’t Buy – Puzzles and most plastic toys (poor quality)
  • Money Saving Tips – Buy extra Glow sticks for Halloween or the 4th of July.  Stick some in your bag when you go to see fireworks, so that you don’t get sucked into buying the expensive kind they sell at your location

Things to Buy at the Dollar Store: Pinterest Project Supplies

  • Buy – plain white mugs, clear glass votive holders, glass jars, glass bowls plastic bins, picture frames 
  • Money Saving Tip – search Pinterest for awesome money saving do it yourself projects. Follow us on Pinterest while you are there.

What do you buy at the Dollar Store? What do you skip?

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2 Responses to What to Buy at the Dollar Store – Coupon Class Tip

  1. My son’s favorite things are the “dot markers” which at the learning stores cost $15 for a set of 5 colors and we get the bingo “dotters” (that is what my son calls them) at the dollar store and do lots of fun crafts for super cheap. We even have five colors now after stocking up slowly over time. We also got the rose art glue sticks there and the 3 pack was only $1 so it was way cheaper then the other one that we bought for $0.50. Although, I really like their puzzles because if a piece is lost then no worry because it wasn’t a lot of money. They certainly don’t replace the huge melissa and doug ones that I get at the consignment sales but my son is still entertained to see characters he likes appear. I hope that some other people take some time to check out the dollar store (we like the dollar tree). Also, cotton swabs might not be as plush but $1 for a big box and I can use them for crafts or cleaning without feeling bad about the high price.

  2. MK Audd says:

    Dog poop bags – 40-50 bags for $1.
    Singles to Go lemonade and flavored tea mix.
    6 pk of individual size Keebler cookies when available.
    Betty Crocker kitchen tools (red & white style)
    Foil bakeware. Zip style gallon and quart bags.
    ReNez (sp?) room deodorizer solids
    Insulated wine glasses with sippy lid! Perfect for summer. LOL

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