Tips from My Shoprite Trip 1/31 – saved 66% !!

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So….. What do you think of my insane Shoprite  Trip? After looking closely at this picture, I realize this photo doesn’t do the trip justice.  There are 8 boxes of cereal tucked away in there! Plus, 3 blocks of cheese, 4 boxes of granola bars and lots and lots of other stuff! (Veggies, Chicken, hummus, fruit…)


This is a good example of a big stockpiling trip!

Let me break some things down for you-

Time Spent Dealing with coupons = 1 Hour

Money Saved by using Coupons = $266

I spent a half hour looking at the Shoprite matchups,  printing and clipping coupons, and making my list, before I left the house. I printed while eating breakfast and I clipped while on the phone with a friend.  So I really didn’t waste any time! (I also had some clipped coupons that I ordered, waiting for me in my car)

I spent less than 2 hours at the store, shopping, chatting, asking for help (everything I wanted was on the top shelf), and loading stuff in my car. Remember, I am a small girl, dragging ladders and stepstools up and down the aisle, I bet you could have done this trip in far less time!  I should also mention, during transaction 1/2, I CHOSE a LONGER line, because it was one of my favorite cashiers, who I have not seen in a long time, Anne. LOVE HER! And the second time around, well, I must have chose someone new, so we took a little longer than necessary with the coupons on that trip.

I spent $128 after coupons, sales and catalinas.

I saved $266!  

That is a savings of 66%

So, let’s look at this a different way.

I spent 2 hours in the store. I did 4 transactions and I went out to my car once. (My cart was overflowing, so I really didn’t have a choice). I did not go grocery shopping last week.  (So, the fact that I spent 2 hours at the store is really not a big deal, since I didn’t go at all last week).

I would have had to go grocery shopping regardless of whether I used coupons or not.   So most of those 2 hours would have been spent whether I couponed or not. BUT, there was time spent in the store, gathering coupons, handing the coupons over, getting an override, doing multiple transactions.

don't think you have time for coupons

I think I spent a half hour in the store dealing with coupons, plus a half hour at home printing and clipping coupons.  That is an hour of my time. And that hour saved me $266…… That is more than I used to make in a day at my former teaching job. That’s time well spent if you ask me. 

Ok, So for those who think I am  a little cra-crazy….

I know, I know, I don’t need that much shampoo and conditioner. BUT, it was FREE, people. (Actually, after taxes, it was a small moneymaker) While, I won’t have to buy shampoo for  a good year,  I also plan on giving some away.  I am going to use some as prizes at my coupon classes AND some in blessing bags for those in need and I am going to donate some  to my local food pantry!

blessing others

And I know… you are like holy bath tissue and paper towels batman. BUT this was  an INSANE stock up deal. It was like the trifecta of stockpiling – I stacked a great sale with great coupons with a catalina deal. And personally, I have the space to store all the paper products, because I have a basement. Also, I really like having a stockpile of paper products on hand. I don’t have to worry about buying paper products until the next insane deal!

Yeah, and the pasta… well…. I love pasta, I am Italian and frugal and creative. I make pasta lots of different ways, several times a week. So, this is nothing…

Notice, I also got a lot of organic items.

I got organic potatoes, carrots, apples, granola, granola bars, bread, rice, oatmeal, Stonyfield Yogurt Quart, and all natural chicken.

I realize the organic produce is in stark contrast to the chocolate toast crunch cereal, and DiGiorno pizzas, but hey nobody is perfect. (And besides, I just sprinkle a few chocolate cereal pieces on top of the nonsugar cereal,…. just sayin)

Anyway, once you learn to coupon, it can be really easy to save big. As you can see an hour of my time saved me $266!! I got 2 full carts of groceries (overflowing carts actually) for only $128! I mean, I have seen people spend that on half a cart of groceries.  I think it was an hour well spent and couponing is totally worth my time!

Checkout my tips on Couponing for Busy Moms (and non Moms), I applied all of the principles in those posts on this shopping trip.  Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more great couponing and savings tips.

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  1. carolyn says:

    I don’t know if you have checked out ShopRite order from home-they offer specials to discount food order that is not offered while regular shopping. I tried it because of health reasons but truly am so pleased with the ability to use these specials and order in beginning of week ,while continuing to find coupons all week knowing exactly what is on my list ! Recently there was an offer if you spent 200.00 on a order you would get 20.00 dollars off . It cost you 10 percent of your order but for people with time constraints /health problems/whatever -you might want to try this!

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