Tips from my Trip: Rocking your rain checks

CVS is the best store for rainchecks.  They actually give you a raincheck for the sale price and ECB amount, plus they never expire.  I don’t know of a store that gives a better rain check.  Here are some ways of utilizing CVS rainchecks to help you save even more.

Roll your ECBs

  • Today, I noticed that my ECBs were about to expire.  I did not have my coupons or my list ready for the CVS deals this week.  But I did have a pile of rain checks in my CVS spot in my coupon accordian file.   I pulled out my rain checks and looked through them and pulled out the ones that would make the items free after the ECB reward.  I grabbed those items: Hershey’s Bliss chocolate, Excedrin, and Colgate Sensitive (some of these were from last winter!), and paid with my about to expire ECBs and got new ECBs that won’t expire for another month! Plus I got some yummy chocolate to eat in the car. SHHH!

Stretch your Limits

  • CVS has limits to the amount of times you can do each ECB deal.  So you can typically only get 1 or 2 of a particular freebie deal.
  • Say you go to your neighborhood CVS store on Monday and they are out of the Colgate toothpaste deal, grab a raincheck for it.
  • Now say on Thursday, you happen to be passing by another CVS, you walk in and voila! They have the free Colgate deal you were looking for.  You can grab that deal and you still have your rain check to use on another day, which means you will be able to get double the amount of free Colgate!

Make it a Money-maker

  • Say that Colgate is $2.99 and you get $2.99 ECBs, but you have no coupon at this time.
  • Your store is out of the Colgate, so you get a rain check
  • Save that rain check until you get a coupon for Colgate and then use your coupon to pay less than the $2.99, but still get the $2.99 ECB, making your deal a  money-maker

Don’t abuse the rain check system or my tips on how to use them.  Remember everything in moderation, be honest, don’t clear a shelf etc.  But also use  some slick strategy to stretch your dollar even further.

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