Tips from My Trip: Rite Aid – $4 money-maker

rite aid halloween nail polish

I stopped into Rite Aid to do some money-maker, no coupons required nail polish deals.   Below you will find the breakdown of the deals I did, however, I did them all in 1 transaction.  I was able to use my +UPs from a previous trip, therefore “rolling” them into this deal.

The great thing about this deal is that anyone can do it, it doesn’t require coupons and it is about a $4 money-maker.

Buy 2 Glow in the Dark nail polish get 2 $3 +UPs

Do this deal once:

Buy 2 Fantasy Makers Halloween Nail enamel BOGO50%- $2.99 ea
Get 2 $3 +UPs (Monthly reward- limit 2)
Pay:  $4.48 + Tax
Get 2 $3 +UPs
FREE + $1.52 money-maker after +UPs

*Find this on the top shelf of the Halloween aisle

Do this deal twice:

Buy 2 Sinful Nail art polish-$1.99 -on sale for 75% off = $0.49 ea
Get $2 +UP (Get $2 +UP wyb 2 Nail enamel- limit 2)
Pay:  $0.99 + tax
get $2 +UP
$1.01 money maker.

Buy 4 nail enamels get 2 $2 UPs

Now, I had $5.98 in +UPs on my card from last week.  I bought a total of 6 nail polishes in 1 transaction.  I was charged $0.45 in tax.  I paid out of pocket $0.91 and received $10 in +UPs.

All in all, when you take tax into consideration, this deal was a $4.08 money-maker for me.

If all of the above is too confusing and too much detail for you.  Here is the simplified version:

Buy 2 Fantasy Maker Glow in the dark Nail polish BOGO50%-$2.99 ea
Buy 4 Sinful Colors Nail Art $1.99 @ 75% off = $0.49 ea

Pay around $6 with tax
Get $10 in +UPS
about a $4 money-maker

Now make sure you check out my Coupon Class Tip, so you know how to use your new moneymaker +UPs wisely.

Thanks for the Sinful deal Hip2Save

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