Shoprite: Tips from my Trip (don’t miss this one)

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Food shopping on a Sunday, is usually something I try to avoid.  However, I just had to stop at Shoprite after church and check out the Buy 10 get a $10 catalina deal.

Buy 10 get $10 catalina extra tips:

Here are a few awesome things I can tell you:

  1. Not only are the Sobe Lifewaters 5 for $5 and part of the catalina deal, but the yummy Sobe drinks in the tall bottles are also 5 for $5 and are also included in this deal!!!
  2. CHECK your expiration dates before you buy! I did not take my own advice and now I am drinking an expired drink! LOL. It expired in January, but it smells and tastes fine, so I am drinking it anyway. So please, take my advice and check every expiration date.
  3. As I mentioned earlier, the $10 catalina rolls.  The catalina actually prints before you pay.  So, keep your eye on the machine, if it doesn’t print, that means you bought something wrong and DON’T finish checking out!
  4. The shelves were already clear when I got there at noon, but I found a nice guy who worked there who checked upstairs (where ever upstairs in Shoprite is? ) and found lots more Lipton and Sobe! So, if you don’t see any, ask!

shoprite smart balance catalina

Shoprite Dollar Days are coming!

There is also some other exciting news!  I got a catalina telling me that Shoprite Dollar Days are coming!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! I am so excited about this!

The catalina said between February 26th and March 3rd save over $55 on your next shopping order when you purchase products from your favorite brands.

I saved sooooooooooooo much with these last year!!!  So get your printers, scissors, binders, files, calculators, and walking shoes ready to save save save!

Now, some of you might receive more catalina coupons giving you more information about these catalina deals or Dollar Day deals. PLEASE read your cat’s and share the information with us, so we can all benefit.  This way, I can alert you to coupons to start printing right away, so you have them ready for the sales!

Smart Balance Catalina:

I also received a catalina saying that when you purchase $10 worth of participating Smart Balance products  you will get a $3 catalina!  This starts 2/19, next week. So start gathering Smart Balance coupons!

My savings and transactions from this trip:

I spent: $33.29

I saved: $88.90 (including saving $5 with SavingStar)

I got $122.19 worth of groceries for $33.29! That is a savings of over 70%

Now, granted a lot of that was in drinks, however, it will still save us money in the long run.  We will use them at parties, instead of buying drinks.  Keith will keep them in his car and grab one when  he is working instead of stopping at WaWa!

Here are my transactions:

Transaction 1-

-5 Quaker Instant Oatmeal

-1 Quaker oatmeal squares

-4 Sobe Lifewaters

Total- $22.12, received a $10 catalina and got $5 in SavingStar account

Transaction 2:

-10 Lipton tea

paid with $10 catalina from transaction 1

Total: $0.70 (tax) and received a $10 catalina

Transaction 3:

-10 Sobe Lizard drinks (tall bottles)

-4 limes

paid with $10 catalina from transaction 2

total- $0.70 (no tax ?)

Transaction 4:

– 3 Sobe Lizard drinks

-7 Sobe Lifewaters

paid with $10 catalina from transaction 3

Total $0.37

Transaction 5

-1 Dole classic romaine lettuce salad mix

-1 bag of ORGANIC potatoes

-3 bunches of asparagus

-3 heads of broccoli

-4 lemons

-2 Got2B Dry Shampoo $2.99

-1 courier news

-1  home news tribune

Used 2 $3 Got2B coupons (didn’t beep at all)

used my last $10 Catalina

total: $9.40

Also, there were canvas bag refunds in most of those transactions.

Make sure you check out all that is included in this 10/$10 catalina deal and the rest of this week’s Shoprite deals  here.

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4 Responses to Shoprite: Tips from my Trip (don’t miss this one)

  1. Dawn Souchuck says:

    how do you find out about catalina deals for each week? Is there a web site for just that?

    • Steph says:

      Well, there are a number of ways. Some are advertised in the weekly flier. I include them in my matchups. some of them I find out by getting a catalina coupon to advertise for an upcoming catalina, like I mentioned the Smart balance deal above. Some of them you can find here under the yourbucks section. if you get a catalina coupon informing you of an upcoming catalina deal, please let us know, so we can share it!

  2. April says:

    Thanks so much for this post!!!! I just bought the Sobe drinks and also the got2be product and just paid tax – the cashier actually let me use the catalina toward this transaction…. which probably isn’t normal, but cool either way!

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