Shoprite Deals & Coupon Matchups

shoprite deals

Here are this week’s Shoprite deals. These Deals are based on all coupons $0.99 and under Fully Doubling. Please double check the coupon policy at your local Shoprite.

I hope you enjoy the new printable list feature!

Limit 4 Per Variety
Multi-Item Deals
Buy (1) Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise 20 or 30 oz AND (1) Hellmann's Tartar Sauce; Save $2.00 Instantly on Cape Gourmet Seafood Fillets 2 lb
Coca-Cola, Nabisco & Hershey Products - Spend $15.00 Get a $5.00 Catalina; Spend $25 Get a $10.00 Catalina; Spend $40.00 Get a $15.00 Catalina
Pick 3 Pay $2.49 Each - Mix & Match
Baby Food & Care
Buy 2 Save $5.00 at Checkout
Save $5.00 at Checkout When You Buy 3 Participating Huggies Items
4 for $10.00 - Mix & Match
4 for $4.00 - Mix & Match
Pepsi Mix & Match - 3 for $11.00
Pepsi Mix & Match - 4 for $10.00
Bread & Bakery
Breakfast & Cereal
Canned Goods & Soups
Pick 5 Pay $0.75 Each - Mix & Match
Condiments, Spice & Baking
Cookies, Snacks & Candy
Tostitos Mix & Match - 3 for $7.00
Frozen Foods
Bertolli - 2 for $11.00
Grains, Pasta & Sides
Home Supplies
Pick 3 Pay $1.88 - Mix & Match
Save $5.00 at Checkout When You Spend $25.00 on Participating Kimberly Clark Products
Meat, Poultry & Fish
Natural & Organic
Packaged Meats
Personal Care
Buy (1) Gillette Disposable Razors AND (1) Gillette, Mach3, Series, Venus Olay or Satin Care Shave Gel; Save $3.00 at Checkout
Buy 1 Get 1 Nivea Lip Care 0.17 oz FREE
Buy 1 Sonicare Essense Power Toothbrush; Get 1 Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 3.2 oz FREE; Limit 4 Offers
Buy 2 Save $1.50 at Checkout
Buy 2 Save $2.00 at Checkout
Pick 2 Pay $3.33 Each - Mix & Match
Pick 3 Pay $0.88 Each - Mix & Match
Speed Stick - 3 for $5.00 Mix & Match
Pet Care
Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF at Checkout
Buy 2 Save $4.00 at Checkout; Additional $10.00 Purchase Required

Please check our Shoprite tab for additional Shoprite Deals that pop up during the week!


13 Responses to Shoprite Deals & Coupon Matchups

  1. gail says:

    Love this new look! Rocking it, Steph.

    I didn’t see all your updates on fb today.

    Hope all is well with you and yours, gail

  2. Althea says:

    Much more friendly to use and print

  3. Kelli says:

    Can someone help me out here? I’m a bit new to the philadelphia area (more specifically levittown/langhorn area). I’ve purchased a newspaper for three weeks now and the Red Plum insert is never in there. It also does not come with the other ads during the week. Is there a different paper I need to be purchasing or something?

    • Steph says:

      Kelli. ok, first off, what paper are you getting, are you buying it in the store? i know by me, the sunday star ledger does not carry the redplum inserts. I am not sure what paper you should purchase in philadelphia…. what you could do, is go to the store and look in each paper and see what they have, before you buy it, if someone asks you about it, just explain that you are new to the area and that you are looking to see which paper has all the coupons. Another idea is you could just order your coupon inserts. you can order them from the links in this post . I highly recommend them. And this way you are sure to get all the inserts and not be missing any. of course, you won’t get them til mid week, instead of Sunday.. I hope this helps. please don’t hesitate to ask any other questions…

  4. Kelli says:

    Quick question. I got a flyer in the mail for shop rite and it has a few super coupons on it. One of them is .98 for fab or dynamo 2x ultra detergent. if i buy one fab, am i able to use this super coupon along with the printable one from hopster?

    • Steph says:

      Yes, if you have a shoprite super coupon you can stack it and use it with a printable coupon. on the same item. just read the coupon , sometimes, it says you have to spend $10 or something…. just make sure you follow any additional directions on the coupon. make sense?

  5. Vickie says:

    I just noticed that the “Simply Potatoes” also has a ShopRite eCoupon…So FREE after coupon and eCoupon!!!

  6. Vickie says:

    Also an eCoupon for the Polident, which would bring it down to $1.30 after stacking with a $2 coupon from most newspapers.

  7. gail says:

    Steph, I can’t find the Brita coupon on the site. Help! Please email me. Thanks.

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