coupon class tip: Saving money and time on Holiday cards!

I wanted to address some tips to help you save money on your holiday cards this year!

First of all, ever since I have had kids, I wanted to send photo cards.  Since, I send Christmas cards to lots of people far away that I barely see, at least they can watch my kids grow up via Christmas cards.

Second, I am an art teacher and I obsess on how perfect my card is going to be and spend wayyyyy too much time making my own creative card.

Third, I am frugal.  I usually create my own card image from start to finish (which takes a while).  And then I get 4 x 6 prints made instead of purchasing official holiday cards.  This is much cheaper and very time consuming because I am a creative perfectionist!

Now, this year is the first Christmas season I will be blogging.  So, I have even less time to design my own card.  Plus, since I am blogging, I know about tons of free or super cheap ways to get your Holiday cards made!

So here is my plan, I am going to not be a perfectionist and not be obsessive compulsive like I usually am.  I am going to pick some great pics of my kids.  And then, I am going to utilize every free card deal I can find.  Pick a premade pattern I like, insert pics and order!

Now, since I will be ordering a few freebies from lots of different companies, my cards will all be different.  That might bother some, but I am going to just think of it as being creative! If I run out of freebie deals, I will just go back to the company that has the best price or the cutest card and order more! So, I think it is a win win for me.  Saving me on time and money!!!

What do you think?

Don’t forget about the free holiday cards from:

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