PINCHme Box Review = Awesome FREE SAMPLES

pinchme box review

I am so excited to have the opportunity to do a PINCHme Box Review.   If you haven’t signed up for a FREE PINCHme account, hurry on over and sign up here .

You know how there are all these new subscription boxes?  Well, here is a monthly box of FREE SAMPLES!  And the best part is, they aren’t all teeny tiny samples, but decent, full size samples are included for you to try!  PLUS, NO Credit card or purchase is required!

OK, Here is what you need to know:

  • This is 100% FREE to join, no Credit Card required
  • All samples are FREE in exchange for your feedback
  • There are new products every month!
  • The box is tailored to the feedback that you give PINCHme
  • Free Products include – items from a ton of categories – baby, pet, household, personal care and more!
  • Your box will have 3-5 Free Samples in it

Here is how to get your very own PINCHme samples:

  • Go here and create a PINCHme account. (FREE & SIMPLE)
  • Complete your member profile, so that you get samples tailored to you. For example, I don’t have a pet or a baby, so those samples would be wasted on me.
  • Get ready for when the PINCHme boxes go live.  The next date is – April 12th at noon EST.
  • Go quickly at noon on the 12th to claim your FREE PINCHme box
  • After you receive your box, remember to login to your PINCHme account and tell PINCHme what you thought. Think of it as your own little PINCHme Box Review.  I love giving feedback to companies about their products.
  • Check back the next month for your chance to claim another box.

My PINCHme Box Review:

Since I am a blogger, I got to review a Premium PINCHme box.  Your box will be smaller than mine and will have 3-5 FREEBIES in it.  But seriously, who doesn’t love FREE? And it is fun getting more than 1 FREEBIE at a time!

I was impressed by the sizes of these FREEBIES.  Some of them are a 1 time use typical sample size product.  While others, were much larger samples.  I got 2 Olay products that were a half ounce each!  I am excited to try the new Kashi GoLean Peanut Hemp Crunch Bar (full size bar!)  I received full size nail polish/gel too!  The Olay body wash I received was 3 oz. That IS a NICE sized sample!  I can’t wait to try the Gluten FREE Skinny POP popcorn!

I received personal care products, household products, snacks, and more!  PINCHme really has a nice selection of nice sized, name brand samples in a variety of categories.  I think it is so much fun to be able to get FREE surprises in the mailbox!

So, hurry and grab your FREE PINCHme account ! And make sure you login on April 12th to grab your FREE PINCHme BOX!

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Come back here and let me know if you got one!

Tip: If you get a sample that you cannot use, please donate it to your nearest Food Pantry (even if it is not food) or shelter!

Get your FREE PINCHme Account & Sample Box Here .

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