Pep Talk Tuesday:Have Fun!

Ok, so I realize it is not Tuesday anymore.  I apologize for the lateness of this post.  The boys and I are visiting my mom and I got quite busy.  Then I fell asleep putting my little one to bed last night.  So now here I am, on Wednesday morning, finishing up Pep Talk Tuesday.  My apologies.

 This week’s Pep Talk is about having fun while couponing and saving money.  It really can be a lot of fun, especially if you look at it like one big game. 

I love games. Taboo, Sudoku, Jigsaw puzzles, Boggle, Pictionary, Cranium, Uno, Clue …you get the idea.  I can get very competitive too.  I even used to have races with Keith on Sudoku puzzles.  Seriously, Sudoku is hard enough, and then to make it into a competitive thing?  Yup, I can be a little bit too competitive at times.  I think that is why I love couponing so much-it is like one big game to me!  The more I save, the more I feel I am winning the game!  Even figuring out deals can be fun, if you view it as a big puzzle.   Do you like games and puzzles?  If you do, try to think of couponing as a game and have fun with it!

Shopping with kids isn’t always fun.  This last shopping trip, I decided to try and make it as fun as possible for my kids and I.  Before we left the house, we had a little huddle, put our hands in and yelled “Shoprite”.  When we got to the store, I told my kids all the stuff that we were going to get free so that they would be excited.  When I found those items or good deals, I gave my kids high fives.  This kept them going a bit, so I didn’t even have to give out lollipops til the checkout line.  I did feel a bit silly at times, but I was making shopping the deals fun for the kids, which in turn made it fun for me. 

 Getting stuff for free is fun.  Enjoy it! Compare your “winnings” (savings)  from week to week.  See if you can increase your “score” (amount saved) each week.  Enjoy yourself though.  Couponing and saving really can be fun.  Try not to let it be a stressful experience, but an enjoyable one. 

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