Pep Talk Tuesday

At my last coupon class,  I started off by sharing that I began couponing in February of 2010 and began giving classes in June 2010.  Jaws dropped and eyebrows raised and one person (now reader 😉 ) said, “Oh good there’s hope” 

Most people are under the impression that I have it all together and have been couponing for years.  I mean I save 50% or more off my grocery bill, I have a coupon blog and I give coupon classes.  I  must have been couponing since childhood, or I must have tons of time on my hands, or have taken lots of coupon classes myself.

Well actually, none of those things are true.  Like I said, I only began seriously couponing a year and a half ago!  I started giving classes because I just couldn’t keep a good thing to myself.  And honey, I am a wife, homemaker, mother of 2 little adorable boys, and special ed/art teacher (during the school year).  I do not have a ton of time.  I have never taken a coupon class either, although I would have loved to!  

I am just a girl addicted to saving money and helping others do the same.

So, you might be overwhelmed by all this coupon jargon…all the blogs and all the deals and how it all works.  You might wonder, well how on earth did she learn all that she did in such a short amount of time? 

Do you want to know what I did? 

I read, and read, and read some more.  What did I read?  Lots and lots of coupon blogs!  I read while rocking my little one to sleep or while holding him on my lap. I read while eating breakfast, or even lunch.  I read when I should have been cleaning.  I read about deals that interested me and deals that I had no intention of doing.  I read how-to’s, and coupon lingo posts.  I read people’s comments on posts.  I tried things out, I commented on posts, I asked questions.  I commented and vented…and I read some more.  I wish I could list all the fabulous blogs that I learned from but really there are too many to even count.  And sadly I lost track of some of them, because I never subscribed to their email newsletter or liked them on facebook.  (So make sure you like Generous Savings 🙂 )

The point is, I did not learn it all overnight.  I read a lot.  I went to a lot of stores,  I worked hard.  But I loved it.  I loved saving money, buying things I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise,   “Making Money”  off of my fancy wrinkle cremes, cutting my diaper bill in half, filling my freezer with Smart Ones dinners for $0.29 a pop, realizing I never had to pay for toothpaste again!  I loved it and still do.

So, a year and a half ago, I was just a busy mom, clicking around facebook, when I discovered these magical money saving blogs….and now I save lots of money and hopefully help you save a lot of money too!

So be encouraged!!!  Celebrate even your littlest coupon victories, don’t compare yourself!  Have fun!!! 

If you find yourself overwhelmed, my biggest advice to you is read. Read and reread until you get it.  And you don’t just have to read my blog, (although I hope you will).  There are lots of amazing blogs out there, who have been doing this for wayyyy longer than me.  I link to many of them in my posts.

Since I give regular free coupon classes, I try to tailor my blog and deals for beginners as much as possible.  Make sure you read all my coupon pep talks, where I try to give you encouragement and coupon advice.  And I hope you will see you at a coupon class or two.

So Stick around, read a lot, try a deal or two or three, and before you know it you too will be saving at ton on your grocery bill.  Remember if you ever need more encouragement, just ask!  I love encouraging people!

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2 Responses to Pep Talk Tuesday

  1. Vanessa Griffith says:

    I think where I’m struggling is in the planning/organization. Collecting coupons, clipping them all and organizing my pretty little (ok, not so little!) coupon binder was the easy part. It’s multitasking on sterroids! Figuring out how to get the best deal, where the best match-ups are, remembering to sign up for everything every store has, loading key-cards with coupons, printing coupons… OH MY GOODNESS!!! It feels like I need to hire a staff to get it all done. I think maybe I thought it would come easily, like finishing a delicious dessert. Not true. I still haven’t gone to the store yet with my coupons etc. All in good time, right? I’m reading a lot and trying to learn because I’m almost out of toothpaste. And I REFUSE to go to costco until I learn to get it for free, because a new friend of mine said “Friends don’t let friends buy toothpaste!” Thanks Stephanie!

    • Keith & Steph says:

      Ok, don’t try to do it all at once and please don’t try to do a bunch of stores. at once. choose 1 drugstore and 1 grocery store max! choose a few deals to start! Use my printable list. or another blogs printable list to help you. and maybe in the beginning…you will pay some pocket change for toothpaste. don’t try and do everything all at once!!
      the whole point of my post was, I wasn’t always saving this much….everyone is different….you will get there! come to another coupon class! I will add another to the list soon!

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