Pep Talk Tuesday: Stay Positive!

Did the above picture make you smile?  I am not even a cat person and it put a grin on my face.  Today’s coupon pep talk is about having a positive attitude from the start in regards to couponing and your shopping trips.   So if you are feeling a bit down, doubtful, or negative, take another look at the smiling kitty above. 

You might think you can’t coupon because you don’t have the time, or the right stores, or you have little kids, or you just don’t get what all the coupon lingo means.  You might think it is too much work, or not worth it, or that it is too overwhelming.  Well, I would like to encourage you to leave all those doubts and negative thoughts at the door.  If you would like to save money, if you would like more money, if you need more money,  or if you would like to be able to give more to others-then keep reading.

Despite having 2 little kids and working 3 days a week, I have still been able to save over $2,000 on groceries and household items, this year alone.  Despite money being tight, I have been able to donate lots of items to my local food pantry.  Now you don’t have to save as much as me, but it can be done if you want/need it to be done.  Have a positive attitude, look forward to your savings, and start small.  A good attitude will always go farther than a negative one. 
If you are extremely nervous or just think you can’t coupon, then just tackle 1 deal this week.  If that goes well, then try 2 deals next week and 3 deals the next.  Start small!!!!!  Celebrate your deals!!  Once you start having some successful deals, it will be easier to get even more. 

When you are out shopping treat the people behind you in line with kindness, alert them to the fact that you have a lot of coupons and you might take a little longer.  Maybe even offer them a coupon.  Be sweet to the cashier, ask them how their day is going, learn their name, alert them to the fact that you have a lot of coupons.   They are there all day, with some people being rude to them or completely ignoring them.  You can brighten their day.  This will also help break the ice a little, so they don’t freak out when they see your pile of coupons.  Instead of being the crazy coupon lady with a ton of coupons that cashiers dread-be the smiling encouraging lady who is a bright spot in their day.  Seriously, the more positive and sweeter you are-the better things will go. 

If you do have a bad or frustrating experience, don’t let it discourage you.  Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and try again.  It won’t always be a discouraging experience.  Next time will be better.  If you have a problem, you can go to customer service, but remember to treat the  customer service agent in a positive way as well.  Lots of people blame and yell at customer service people for things that aren’t their fault.  They will welcome some kindness and remember you in a positive way, which will be helpful to you in the future. 

Just remember, to stay positive and don’t let your circumstances  keep you from saving money, helping your family and giving to others.   

Spiritual application:

Here are some Bible verses that come to mind in relation to this pep talk.  When you get discouraged, try repeating one a few times in your head or out loud.  The “I can do all things…” verse is a good one if you feel like you CAN’T and need help being positive. 

The Joy of the Lord is My Strength – Nehemiah 8:10

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me-Philippians 4:13

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones- Proverbs 17:22.

I don’t believe God necessarily wants us to be rich, but I do believe He wants us to use our money wisely and give to others.  I personally believe He wants to provide for us and has used coupons in my life to do that.  You might think I am nuts for thinking that, but I do believe that God used coupons to help provide for my family this past year. 
So try reading or praying some of these verses before and during your next shopping trip and let me know how it goes!

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