Pep Talk Tuesday: Scared or overwhelmed to coupon? You CAN do it!.


Hesitant about coupons?  Don’t know where to start?  Not sure you are ready to take the plunge?   

The economy is not in great shape and people are losing their jobs, getting pay freezes, getting demoted or living in fear.  Groceries are expensive and a necessity.  Food packaging is getting smaller while prices get bigger. 

Enough depressing stuff, let’s just get to the pep talk.  Because of the above reasons, serious couponing just makes sense.  I might not be in control of my raise, but I can put some time in and save $100 this week at the grocery store.  Maybe some of you don’t have as much time and will only save $50 or $20 a week.  Even so, $20 a week is $80 a month, which is $960 a year.  That is almost $1000!  And it is quite easy and not much work to save $20 a week on groceries and household items. 
We  live in an age where there are so many technological resources that it has made saving money on groceries even easier than in the past.  Thank goodness, because food prices are ridiculous and we need the savings now more than ever!  Printable coupon resources like,, and others, make it easy for you to have access to coupons without even leaving your house or spending any money.  Tools like coupon databases make it easy for you to find a coupon for the specific product you are looking for.  Just type the product in the description box and hit search.   Generous Savings and all the other phenomenal blogs out there take the guesswork out of shopping when we match-up the sales, deals and coupons for you!  Our deals tell you specifically what to buy, what coupon to use, and how much you will pay (if anything) in the end.  Free coupon classes are also becoming more widespread, as well as various blogs having different video tutorials.  If you have access to a computer, then all the resources to coupon are right at your fingertips! 

Despite all these conveniences, you still might be hesitant to coupon.  It can be daunting to start.  You might be wondering where to begin or what all the strange language in our match-ups mean. 
Here are some suggestions to get you started.  First, pick 1 store that you are going to focus on.  Second, find a blog that does matchups for that store.  Presently, at Generous Savings, we list weekly match-ups for Shoprite, CVS and Rite Aid.  After deciding what store to start at check out our  start here tab. Read the how to use this website post, coupon lingo post and the How to shop at posts too.  These posts will help you get started.  Then go to the store deals tab and choose the store you are going to focus on.  I only list my favorite or the best deals at CVS and Rite Aid.  If you are just beginning take a deal or two to start.  Once you feel more confident, you can do the whole list or check with the blog I link back to for even more deals.  If you choose Shoprite, start with the first section of the Shoprite deals.  Choose a deal or two to get you started.  The whole list might seem daunting, so just decide that you are going to do 1 or 2 deals from the first section.  After you get that coupon rush of “Wow, I can do this, I like getting free or super cheap stuff”, then start doing more of that first section.  Once you have mastered that section, move onto the rest of the deals in the list. 

Three things to remember are:
You can do it!
Start small: choose 1 store and only a couple of deals until you feel more confident.
I am here to help and would love to answer your questions, if I can.

If you can take a coupon class, I highly recommend it.  It will make all these strategies and deals you read about, come to life and you will get the chance to ask your specific questions.  I have a lot of fun giving them, and I’d like to think  the class members also have a bit of fun while they are learning a lot.

For those of you who are already couponing, but haven’t done a catalina deal or haven’t tried a drugstore yet,  step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  I think I get the most savings by shopping at least 1 drugstore and 1 grocery store, and by doing the catalina deals, as well as the easy deals.  So, if you have mastered 1 store, move onto another.  If you have mastered the first section of my Shoprite deals, move to the next section.  You can do it! 

Just do it, start with one coupon, get something free, and enjoy yourself, next week start with 2 coupons, the next week start with 4…in a few months hopefully you will have a stack of coupons and be saving tons of money!  You can do it…1 coupon at a time!

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