Pep Talk Tuesday: Pregnant? Ways to start saving for your little one NOW!

This post is dedicated to all you expectant or new moms out there, especially to reader Danielle!

Having a baby is life changing in so many ways.    One significant thing that is  impacted is finances.  I didn’t even realize all the ways my finances would be impacted after having children, and unfortunately,  I did not know about extreme or strategic couponing back then! (it was only a few years ago)

Here are some encouraging and strategic tips to ease the financial blow of having a little one.


I highly recommend breastfeeding for it’s gazillion health and bonding benefits! It is not only healthy but it is also an incredible money saver!  Formula is super expensive!  Breast milk is free!! I also believe that breastfed babies are healthier, which is another money saving benefit.  (Less trips to the dr., or calling out sick from work, or purchasing medicine).

I realize nursing can be difficult in the beginning.  Visit a La Leche League now, see a lactation consultant in the hospital, and get support from your spouse and family.  Remind your spouse how much money you will be saving!

Also, if you get discouraged nursing and need some encouragement, please email me privately and I can try to help.  I am not an expert, but I know it is tough and if I did not have other experienced women there to support and help me, I would  not have made it.  So, not only am I here for you in helping you save  money, but I would be happy to encourage you if you get discouraged nursing!

You could also invest in a good Breastfeeding book now, so you can be prepared. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers: The Most Comprehensive Problem-Solving Guide to Breastfeeding from the Foremost Expert in North America, Revised & Updated Edition sells on Amazon for under $14 and got 4.5 stars.

Make your own baby food

Seriously, this is NOT as hard as it sounds.  Baby food comes in little tiny jars, that are really just watered down food.  I used the Super Baby Food Book method and it was really great.  It really is easy, mash a banana, an avocado, or a sweet potato with a fork and mix with breast milk or formula.  Then move onto other foods.  Also, I think it will not only be cheaper, but the food will be healthier and fresher.  I also think that your child will transition to table food easier, but that is just my opinion.  You can always have some baby food jars as back-up, but it really isn’t hard to make your own and it is soooo much cheaper!  You can also get a little baby food mill like this KidCo Food Mill to help you grind up some other table foods.

Stock up on amazing diaper deals now

I plan on posting the best diaper deals of the week  on Generous Savings, so keep your eyes out for that post.  Seriously, you can get awesome deals on diapers-grab them now when the deal is available!  I have seen name brand diapers for as low as $2.99 at times!

Also, you can find some great deals on  Diapers at a discount on using their subscribe and save options.  (you can unsubscribe at any time.  I used to do this with my first son and it worked well for me)

Shop the clearance racks now

Gymboree and lots of stores are having big sales right now.  If you know what you are having, great, go shopping and stock up on super great bargains.  I just saw the cutest little newborn outfit for $3.99 today! Ah, I loved it!  Anyway, if you don’t know what you are having, you could buy gender neutral clothes or buy boy clothes and girl clothes and then return whatever you don’t need after the baby is born.  Check your store’s return policy and your due date before doing this!

Also, ask friends or family for baby clothes their kids might have outgrown!  You can also check out thrift shops like My Neighbor’s Closet.  You can start doing this now! Before the baby is born!  Shopping in a thrift shop not only saves you money, but is better for the environment.


Try to borrow big items that you will only use for a short period of time from friends and family

With my second child,  I borrowed a rocking bassinett from a dear friend.  It was a lifesaver. I only used it for a few months. It was awesome and saved me a ton of money.

Stockpile Now

Start stockpiling extra groceries now-if you are going to be out of work later.

If you are pregnant and working, but plan on taking a long unpaid maternity leave or plan on quitting altogether, now is the time to take a coupon class, read Generous Savings, coupon coupon coupon, and stock up on groceries, and household items!!!  You will be really glad you did once you are no longer receiving your pay check.  Make sure you read my store deals, so you can start stocking up on super cheap and free items now.

Get yourself a get a nice comfy chair for your desk so you can rock baby and read generous savings and print coupons at the same time.  There will be lots of times that you will be up late nursing or burping or rocking your little one.  You can always print coupons and save money at the same time!  I actually have a friend/reader/former coupon class attendee, who did this!  I can tell you that I would have done this, if I had known about all the printable coupon resources available, back when my boys were newborns!

Shop Garage Sales

Find lots of great items at Garage Sales, clothes, big ticket and small items for baby!  Plus toys!!!  If you are buying a plastic toy, you can just wipe it down and sanitize it and you are ready to go.

I cannot even tell you the awesome bargains I have grabbed at Yard sales.  Great educational toys for a tiny fraction of their retail cost.  My backyard is full of over $1100 worth of Little Tykes toys: kiddie pool, play sets, slides, sand box, cars, etc.  I probably paid $20 for all of it!

Plus, buying plastic stuff at yard sales is also better for the environment, than buying a bunch of new plastic toys.

Grab some freebies

Sign Up for Swagbucks

After you sign up for Swagbucks, do some random searches every time you are nursing, burping, rocking your baby and hopefully you will be winning swagbucks left and right and earning Amazon gift cards to help pay for all the diapers you will be needing!

And here is just some encouragement and new mommy tips.  It will be a big adjustment for your finances and all areas of your life, but it will be amazing and it will get easier over time.  You are in a much better place then I was when I was expecting, because you are aware of coupon blogs like Generous Savings and you have all these coupon resources at your fingertips that I didn’t even know about when I was pregnant!  You have a ton of info and tips at your fingertips!  Plus you have me cheering you on!

And don’t worry about finances too much!  Enjoy the time with your new baby!  My youngest is now 3 and it goes super fast!  So, try not to get too overwhelmed and enjoy it!!!

Big (((Hugs))) to all of you with a bun in the oven, or to all of those with a newborn who have not had a good nights sleep in a while.  I have been there!  You will  make it!  And your finances will make it too!!!

Do you have any baby savings tips to share?  Do you have any other specific questions on how to save when you are expecting?  Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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