Pep Talk Tuesday: If at first you don’t succeed, Try again!

Today’s pep talk is to encourage you to keep going, even if you make some coupon/shopping mistakes.  When I was just getting started with this serious coupon thing, I made mistakes all the time.  Heck, I still make mistakes. 

Sometimes, I make mistakes that are not really fixable.  But sometimes there are solutions to my mistakes.  For example,  sometimes I forget that there is a limit on the ECBs or +UP rewards.  I go through all the trouble of purchasing my stuff and then my ECBs don’t print.  I feel kind of silly that I made the mistake, but if I keep those purchases, it will be money spent that I really wasn’t planning on spending.  So,  I humbly and sweetly say to the cashier, “Oh, I am soooo sorry.  I forgot that I had reached my limit on this ECB purchase.  Can I please return these items and would it be possible to get my coupons back?  I am really sorry, and I really appreciate this”.  So there–mistake fixed.  It just cost me a few extra minutes.   Another mistake I make while grocery shopping is forgetting to hand a couple coupons over to the cashier.  This is just another reason to go over your receipt before leaving the store or parking lot.  If you go back within 24 hours to Shoprite and Target with your receipt and your coupon, they will take your coupon and give you the money back for it!  See, another easy fix.  It just took a few extra minutes.  Another mistake that can happen is during a catalina deal at Shoprite.  Maybe I purchased the wrong combination of products or not enough products and my catalina didn’t print.  I just go to customer service and return it all and repurchase it.  Be extra sweet to those cashiers taking care of you and fixing your mistakes. 

Always remember to go easy on yourself and don’t let making mistakes discourage you.  There is a lot to learn with all the various store coupon policies and reward deals out there.  The key is to learn from your mistakes and not let them discourage you from couponing.  (Really this principle can apply to many areas of life…riding a bike…etc.)  Evaluate what went wrong and how you can do better the next time.  Learn from your experience and then pat yourself on the back for learning from your mistakes.   Whatever you do, just keep going!!!  It will get easier! And the money you will save in the long run will make your silly mistakes worth it in the end! 

Also remember that we are always here to help ya out.  Take a coupon class, comment on a post, ask a question, ask for encouragement, go slow, but just keep going!!!!

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  1. DianeG says:

    Good Post – I love that Charlie Brown cartoon! Me too – I used to forget to hand a coupon or had cashier errors on my purchases using coupons. Since I have very, very limited amount of time that I can get out of the house to shop, going back is not an option. I didn’t give up….I came up with a little system to help me be more organized. The coupons I intend to use are in a envelope on my shopping cart with my list. When a item goes into the basket, I cross it off the list and I take out the corresponding coupon and put it in my front pocket. When I’m done shopping, I take a few minutes to review the coupons and quickly add up the numbers of coupons and the total amount of savings expected. When I hand the cashier the coupons, I always say – I have X number of coupons. When they scan the coupons, I stop bagging and watch them scan. After they hand me the receipt, I quickly add up the savings to see that it matches what I expected. I know it sounds dorky, but I can be easily distracted….ha ha… I’ve had very few errors doing it this way. ‘Hope that helps someone.

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