Pep Talk Tuesday: Getting your feet wet.

My two year old is scared of the ocean.  His brother is like a little fish, but he prefers the sand.  He likes the bath, but wouldn’t even touch a kiddie pool.  Well, yesterday I was determined to get at least his feet wet in the kiddie pool.  It took a lot of coaxing.  We got him near the pool, while his brother was in it.  I leaned over and reached my hand in the cool water and suggest he try it.  Eventually he touched it.  He splashed a little more.  Then I suggested he sit on the top ledge of the pool and just put his feet on the step.   I had to ask several times, but eventually he did.  His little pudgy feet hovering just over the water, made it very easy for my 6 year old and I to “accidentally” wet his little toes.  When he didn’t mind, we wet them more and more until he was wet up to his ankles.  To make a long story short, we kept coaxing and encouraging him, and little by little, inch by inch, he made his way into the kiddie pool.  By the end of our time outside, he was splashing and laughing and was completely soaked.  He had a ton of fun.  He even drew a picture of it later on!  

Some of you might be scared to get your feet wet with this couponing thing.  Or your toes are wet, but you just can’t dive in.  This post is for you!  You see the water (coupons) and are just overwhelmed or scared or something.  Well let me coax you into the pool.  The air is hot and steamy and the water is cool and refreshing.  The economy is not looking too great, but you can save $100s with coupons and sale shopping. 

So here are some tips on getting your feet wet in the coupon game.  Before you know it, you will be soaked in savings.

1.  Set aside a short time each day to read some posts that will teach you the basics.  (Take 10 minutes on your lunch hour or while drinking coffee or after the kids are in bed…you get the idea) 
Suggested reading: Coupon lingo, How to shop at CVS, How to shop at Rite Aid, the other coupon pep talks 

2.  Subscribe to receive my emailed newsletter (top right of blog) and like Generous Savings on facebook.  Then take 10-15 min or more each day to read over the titles of my posts in the newsletter or facebook page and click on the ones that interest you.

3.  Take a coupon class.  I usually give a free one every month or so. 

4.  Focus on saving at one store and read the matchups for that store.  I recommend CVS to start with, but Rite Aid will also work.   And/Or start with just my cheap and free deals  at the top of my Shoprite Matchups

5.  Start with just a few deals that seem easy and free for you.  If that goes smoothly, then try a few more deals next week.  You don’t have to do the whole list!!!!!  Start SMALL!!!!!!!!!!  You don’t have to do a nose dive into the pool, you can ease in slowly. 

6. Ask for help in the comments!  We would love to help you.  If you don’t understand something in a post or can’t find the coupon, ask! 

7.  Report back to us in the comments.  I would love to hear your success stories!  Whether it is free creamer or a whole load of free stuff!  Let’s celebrate your savings!!!

8.  Breathe!!

9.  Pray!!!

10.  Believe in yourself!  You can do it!!!  I know you can!  You have learned to drive a car, get a job, cook, etc… You can learn to coupon!!!

So what are you waiting for?   C’mon in, the water is fine!

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2 Responses to Pep Talk Tuesday: Getting your feet wet.

  1. tammie starnes says:

    It’s funny how some people respond to couponing. They say that it doesn’t work for them because they forget their coupons at home or in the car, along with their list, etc. For me, that is like forgetting your pocketbook. Why would you not bring the one thing you need to pay for your groceries? If you forget yout money, you are not getting through the grocery line, so view coupons with the same respect. It will be worth your while when you save and have more money to do other fun things! Starting small is great advise though! Thank you Steph!

    • Keith & Steph says:

      Good point Tammie…maybe I will have to write about that too….People tell me all the time they cut all their coupons out and forgot them at home….I wouldn’t be able to pay for my groceries if I didn’t have my coupons….People wouldn’t leave their house without their wallet and money…so yes, they should view coupons the same…I am going to write a post about treating coupons like money….when I get to it…I have so many posts I have to write…anyway, thanks…Glad we see it the same way!
      New habits, that’s all people have to make are new habits….

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