Pep Talk Tuesday: Celebrate your savings as your reward for your Time

Time, time, time….it is a precious commodity.

People who know me and see my crazy posts on facebook sharing how much I save always ask, “But Steph, how much time does it take you to do that?”  Time is a big thing for people.  Time is money, especially in the world of couponing.

Some of you might get overwhelmed with all your inserts and coupons, or with the amount of savings blogs and deals out there.  You might feel that it is taking too much time or energy or you don’t even know where to begin with all the deals.  Remember that you don’t have to do every deal!  There were times when I would drive myself nuts searching through all my inserts for a specific coupon that wasn’t even there.  I realized that I was spending too much time searching for a coupon and I needed to just let it goIt won’t kill me if I miss a deal.  My time is worth something too.  I have learned to just let it go and realize I can’t do everything. 

That being said, it still does take me some time to make my list, gather my coupons, get my accordian files ready and go to the store.  And yes, once at the store, it takes me longer to shop than if I wasn’t couponing and didn’t care about the price of things.  However,  even if I didn’t coupon I would still need to go to the store and spend some amount of time grocery shopping and all I would get is food and no savings.  Now I go and spend a little more time and save a bundle!

So how much time do I spend couponing?  Well, a few hours a week I guess.  When I figure out my savings at the grocery store and divide that by how many hours I spent couponing for that trip, I save just as much as I make per hour at my day job or sometimes a lot MORE.  And couponing I can do when I want, where I want, with my kids.  I am not paying for a sitter and can even have my kids help me coupon. 

Now my savings weren’t always this big, remember the longer you stockpile, the more you save in the future.  I have been couponing for over a year and sometimes I save like $200 on a shopping trip.  Now that is worth a few hours of my time! 

So, Couponing does take time-but celebrate your savings and make that time worth it.  Evaluate what you have more of-time or money.  Which do you need more of?  Let those answers determine how much time you spend on couponing and then be ok with what you decide.  Sometimes,  I need to spend more time with my family so I take a break from couponing for the week.   Sometimes, money is exceptionally tight, so I spend extra time couponing.    Remember, your savings are like your “paycheck” or your reward for your time that you put in couponing. 

Some other tips to save you time-Don’t get hung up on searching too long for a coupon or product, that can be a time waster and I have done it plenty of times.  Be able to let a deal go.   Don’t read every blog out there if you don’t have the time. Do Like Generous Savings and your favorite blogs on facebook, so you can see the titles of the posts in your feed and click on only the ones that interest you.  At Generous Savings we do not list every deal under the sun for 2 reasons.  1) there are plenty of great blogs that do that 2) We found that beginner couponers can get overwhelmed by that and not everyone has the time for that.  We try to keep our posts to only our very favorite excellent deals, to save you all super busy folks some time.  Now, there are plenty of wonderful blogs out there who post lots more than we do and I encourage you to explore them, if you have the time.  But if you are getting overwhelmed, remember we try to keep things simple for you. 

So time is money, use both wisely and don’t fret if you spend time couponing-because in the end you SAVED money! 

But balance…balance is key….(I need to remind myself of this sometimes…)

*oh and can anyone name the artist and the title of the painting above?  He is one of my favorites….

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6 Responses to Pep Talk Tuesday: Celebrate your savings as your reward for your Time

  1. Ava Gacser says:

    I sure can – Salvador Dali!

    Thanks for the advice, Steph! It’s good to know that couponing will get easier and we will save more the longer we do it. Stick to it and don’t give up!

  2. Ellen says:

    The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

  3. Brenda says:

    Great post, Steph. You are such an encourager!

    • Keith & Steph says:

      aw thanks Brenda! I want you to all know that I am cheering for you as you go on this couponing endeavor! Thanks for encouraging me back!!!!!!!!

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