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School starts this  week for my son.  I also have to go back and set up my classroom. Personally, I am dreading it because that means no more days at the Jersey shore, less time with my kids, and less time blogging.  But with the start of school, comes one of my favorite seasons, Fall.  I love apple picking, pumpkin farms, jeans and a sweatshirt (although I will miss when I have to put away my flip flops), the crisp air and the leaves changing!  Ah, but I will miss the pool.

New Routines:

The start of school means new routines and regularity for many.  If you already coupon, some of these schedule changes may affect your couponing for better or for worse. If you are new to couponing, or have always wanted to try strategic couponing, then now might be a great time to start.

Although in some ways my life will get more hectic starting next week, in other ways, I think it might actually be easier for me to coupon.

Will your children be in school?

My oldest will be going into first second third fourth grade,  and my youngest starts nursery school kindergarten. So now I can food-shop with only 1 no children in tow.  Now that is  the more difficult child to take food shopping, but it will still be easier than shopping with 2 kids.  Will you have children going back to school? Will that make it easier for you to food shop?  Will you have more time to focus on your coupons and the register because your kids will be in school?

I have to say, I food shopped with 2 active boys all summer, and today, I food shopped alone. It was a very different experience and it was super easy to save a ton of money with coupons and catalinas.

Will you or your spouse have changes to your work schedule?

Do you work, while your kids are at school or at a sitter’s?  If you can leave the kids with a sitter for a few extra minutes,  swing by your fave drugstore, and pick up a few  hot deals on your way home from work, before picking up the kids.  Do you return to work? Do you work?  Have you ever thought of stopping at your favorite drugstore once a week on your way home from work?

Keith’s job at his fencing company is year round, but obviously spring and summer is his busy season.  I am hoping he will arrive home from work a little earlier some nights and maybe I will be able to escape for a quiet shopping trip.

Routines, schedules, and calendars, Oh my!

The other thing about back to school is returning to a routine.  To be honest, I let a lot of my couponing go this summer.  I still strategically couponed at Shoprite once a week!  But I kind of let my drugstore shopping go.  I had a stockpile to cover most of my needs and working in extra stores between summer playdates and beach dates and blogging, just wasn’t feasible. Once I am in a back to school/work routine, I will schedule my couponing and shopping trips just like I schedule in everything else.

Now don’t get me wrong, September will probably be extremely hectic for me and I probably won’t fully settle into my new coupon routines until October.

So what about you?  Now that school is starting and fall is coming, what changes will occur in your routine?  Will any of these changes allow you more time for couponing or shopping?  Even if you don’t have any changes coming up, just the fact that the seasons are changing, can inspire you to start a new routine in couponing.

What changes should you make to your coupon routine?

I encourage you to look at your schedule and figure out how couponing and saving money fits in.  If you are reading this and have never used more then a few coupons before, I encourage you to either pick a drugstore or my cheap and free Shoprite deals and try and grab a few deals a week.  I always tell newbies to start small.


If you are already couponing at a grocery store, maybe add a drugstore into your routine, or vice versa.  If you have only been doing a few deals a week, try to branch out and do a few more.  As you get more confident, and couponing gets easier for you, add more deals to your shopping list each week.

Be encouraged!

Know that I am so excited for all  of you who are saving money and providing for your families!  You all deserve a hug and a pat on the back!  Whether you are getting a few freebies or saving 80% off your grocery bill, be encouraged, keep going, keep saving, keep giving, have fun  and let us know how you are doing.

So, let me know…will the change of seasons, change your schedule too?  How will that impact your couponing?  Do you need help brainstorming how to fit couponing into your life this fall?  Leave a comment, I would love to hear about it.

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