NJ Festival of Ballooning this weekend 7/27-7/29

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This weekend July 27-29, is the 30th annual NJ festival of ballooning in Readington, NJ. People come from all over to see this huge spectacular Balloon festival.  I am going to tell you how we see the balloons up close and personal for free, without even using coupons.

Now, me, I am too frugal to buy tickets, I hate crowds, and I hate getting out of crowded  parking lots. So, needless to say, we will not be buying tickets and attending the actual festival.

One of my favorite parts of the balloon festival can’t be done inside the festival anyway, and that is balloon chasing!

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For the past 2 years,  our family does the NJ Balloon Festival the ultimate frugal way.

We  get out a map of the festival and a road map and find a neighborhood or park near the balloon festival.  We check which way the wind is blowing and that helps us pick a location.

Then, we get together with friends and watch all the balloons as they ascend into the sky over the trees!  No, we don’t get to see them take off right from the ground, but we do get to see a great site for free as they all lift up into the sky.

Then we get in our car with the map. Keith has a bunch of detailed street maps.  Keith gets behind the wheel and I scour the map.  We all find some cool balloons, usually going right over our heads.  And we pick some to try and follow. For the past 2 years, it has worked out great.  We eventually catch up with a balloon and watch it land.  Keith even helped it land one year. The kids get to see the balloon up close and even get to help them pack it up sometimes.

It is a fun adventure we do as a family trying to catch one of these things.  It is beautiful to see, fun to chase and the best part is It’s FREE!

We hope to chase the balloons on Saturday night.  Follow our balloon chasing adventure on twitter. Also, let me know if will be at the festival or chasing balloons too!


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  1. mary says:

    We did this one time and boy was it fun! They offered to let us go up (just straight up and then down) in the balloon. We then helped them fold it and load it into their vehicle. We still talk about that experience even though it was many years ago.

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