Natural Therapies for Autism – Kindle Deal!

natural therapies for autism deal

If you know someone affected by Autism, you MUST grab this hot deal on the book –  Natural Therapies for Autism – by Dr. Dan Purser.  I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Purser speak live on the subject of natural therapies for autism at the Thrive conference last year.*  He is an amazing speaker and doctor.  My only wish is that he lived and practiced closer! I am so glad that he has now written a book so you can hear what he has to say.  For a limited time it is only 99 cents for Kindle, on Amazon. ONLY 99 CENTS people! This is a STEAL. You need to get this book and you need to get it now!

Plus, you do not need a Kindle to enjoy these books. You can read it on your PC, laptop or mobile device! It is super easy.

Please grab this AMAZING deal! Also, I know Dr. Purser would love some more reviews on his book, so if you get it and read it, please be sure to leave an Amazon review.

*I also want to add, that at conference where I heard Dr. Purser speak on autism, he also spoke on women’s health issues. That talk was also awesome. BUT here is the even more incredible thing. I watched as Dr. Purser sat at a table after the conference and met with women individually to offer assistance with their issues.  He probably would have stayed all night, if they let him.  He truly is an amazing doctor who cares about his patients.  Check out his other books as well.

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