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On the surface, this blog may appear to be all about saving money and getting great deals on all kinds of products.  While this is all true, our vision for this site is that it be not just about getting stuff but about giving stuff.

The more we make use of the strategies, matchups, and coupons on this site, the deeper the impact on our own wallets.  As grocery budgets are cut (by $hundreds per month!) funds are ‘freed up,’ allowing us to chip away at debts, make extra mortgage payments, go on vacation, or whatever else extra money is needed for.

But it doesn’t have to stop there.  Our hope is that a portion of everyone’s savings would be used to give to others who have less than us.  Even those of us on a tight budget can find ways give.

Many posts on this blog will show how to get certain items for free or super- cheap.  Sometimes you will find such a deal on a product that may not be useful to you and your family.  But there may be someone out there who could really use it, and can’t afford it.  What a great opportunity to express our generosity!  Look, we need to go to shopping anyway,  so why not pick up a free thing or two that could truly make a difference to someone else?

Our vision is that this blog will be used to make an impact in the lives of others. In addition to listing coupons and deals, and teaching you how to use them, Generous Savings is a resource for giving.  We will regularly feature particular deals for items that we think may be well-suited for donations.  We are developing a list of effective ministries and organizations that need donations, and we will periodically feature a particular one.  We want to make it easy to share with the less fortunate.

So get out there and start saving!  But please don’t forget to share.  Because life isn’t about how much stuff we have, but more about how much we give.

We would like to thank Sarah at Give Me Neither for inspiring us.
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  2. Lois Bennett says:

    This is great Steph! I have seen first hand how you put this philosophy into practice by sharing the bounty with our food pantry. Your donated purchases have provided for real needs of some who come into our pantry. I have seen a mom’s countenance change when they find items such as the maxi pads you are promoting this week. Seems basic to us, but many people are struggling with basics like this. Thanks for what you are doing!

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  22. KimS says:

    I love this! My mom and I always get items free or cheap and donate them to our church food pantry (which also consists of HBA items). We recycle our clothing and anything else we can find.

    I work in an underprivileged school district and you would be shocked at how many girls out there don’t have sanitary products, how many teenage boys don’t get deodorant, how many don’t even get medical treatment or have things such as pencils.

    Any time you see something free at Staples (example, this week there are a bunch of rebate items that are free) get them! Donate them to a church. There are so many kids out there who truly need things we take for granted.

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