Why Parents should take their Tweens to see Inside Out

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I had the privilege of seeing a pre-screening of Disney Pixar’s new movie Inside Out.  I should mention that I took 3 kids with me: a 6 year old boy, a 10 year old boy and an 11 year old girl.  They all loved it.  Check out our Inside Out Review…. 

The title character in the Inside Out movie is an 11 year old girl named Riley (so glad I brought an 11 year old girl with me….  plus I was once an 11 year old girl myself… so I could relate to Riley’s roller coaster of emotions.)  I am not gonna lie, this is not really a “children’s” movie, however it is completely fine and safe for you to bring your kids to see it.   It is bright, and colorful, and funny, and … well… deep and emotional too.  Your kids will laugh and giggle, but some parts may just go over your child’s head.   This movie is about emotions, emotions we all have every day.  I also feel like this movie is about adolescence or should I say pre-adolescense and the roller coaster of emotions that kids go through.

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Riley has 5 main emotions (characters) inside her head, running the show:  Joy, who up until this point in Riley’s life has taken the lead, Sadness, who we discover has an important place in Riley’s life, Anger, who may just be the funniest character in the movie, Fear, who is also hysterical, and Disgust, who has some great sass.   All these characters are funny and well illustrated and are performed by awesome actors/actresses.

So why do I say take your tween to see this movie? Because it is about a tween and her roller coaster of emotions.  If you take your child to see it, please then take her/him out for ice cream afterwards and DISCUSS the movie.  This movie sets up a ton of great talking points for parents. Inside Out swings the door wide open for parents to ask their child questions  and get inside their own child’s head.  Seriously, this movie is important and brilliant for this reason.  I truly hope if you see the movie with your child, that you don’t just walk out of the theater and waste this amazing opportunity to connect with your child about emotions.

And if you don’t have children, take your spouse, or your best friend, or that person you are dating, and go out for coffee afterwards and discuss.  Talk about significant childhood (core) memories.  Talk about emotions.  Use this opportunity to learn more about the person you love (or are interested in).

So, while Inside Out is another fun Pixar flick, it is also a deep and touching Pixar flick. Use the opportunity to spend quality time with your family and get inside their heads.

One more thing, when the credits start to roll, please stay quietly in your seats, my son’s favorite part happens during the credits.

Inside Out opens in theaters June 19, 2015.

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Check out this clip from Inside Out:

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