Insert Insanity – 25% off Coupon code)

You know how much I love Insert Insanity right?  They sell packs of whole coupon inserts, delivered right to your door.

Here are the top 3  reasons why I like them:

  • they have all the inserts from the paper, as opposed to our local Star Ledger which has a bigger SS but no RP, or our local papers which have RP but smaller SS
  • They are delivered right to your door, saving you time
  • and this is my most favorite thing about them-they are from Florida, where they don’t double coupons.  Meaning, many times when we get a $1/2 coupon, they get $0.50/1 coupon.  Well, that $0.50/1 coupon will deduct $1 at the register of a store like Shoprite, that doubles coupons! Woohoo! More savings for us in the Northeast!

Seriously, those hard to find regional coupons that will more than likely get you a freebie at Shoprite… well, most of the time Insert Insanity has them!

Well, Here is the great  news. I have an exclusive 25% off coupon code for Generous Savings readers.  Just use coupon code GENEROUSSAVINGS25 at checkout to save 25% off your entire order of anything on Insert Insanity.  

That means you can get The Big Daddy – 100 Coupon inserts PLUS a $10 Wiz Clipz credit for only $29.99 after the coupon code (That is 29cents per insert plus $10 credit!!) This pack contains thousands of dollars in possible savings!!!  This would be a great pack to split with a friend or coworker!

Or, a 4 pack of coupons from this weekend’s paper for $8.94 (That is $1.11 per insert!)

Or you can even get a gift certificate for that coupon lover in your life! (This would make a great stocking stuffer)

Just go here, and use coupon code GENEROUSSAVINGS25 to save 25%  on your entire order!

If you are still unsure if their coupons are so great, check out what they got in their paper today and compare them with what we got here.

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  1. Nina Tallent says:

    I want to start using coupons to save a little money, groceries are getting so expensive.

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