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Welcome,  Glad you have found Generous Savings! 
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Here are some tips on how to use our website.  Some of our deals and coupons are time sensitive, so please like us on facebook, subscribe to receive our emails (right side-bar), and/or check back often so you stay up to date. 

If you are new to couponing please check out our coupon lingo post and our how to shop at CVS and Rite Aid posts under the Start here tab.  These posts will help you understand a lot of the deals shared on Generous Savings. 

If you are looking for a specific coupon, please check our coupon database and type what you are looking for.  If you are looking for a post on a specific thing, use the search bar on the right side bar to search for various posts on Generous Savings.

If you don’t understand a deal mentioned in a post, or if a link doesn’t work, please comment on that specific post and ask for help.  We would love to help you.

Don’t overwhelm yourself start small.  If you are looking for deals at a specific store, like Rite Aid, CVS, or Shoprite, please look under the Store Deals tab and click on the store you are looking for.  That will then direct you to all the posts pertaining to that specific store.  For example, if you are going food-shopping at Shoprite tomorrow, put your cursor on Store Deals on the menu bar and then click on Shoprite.

If you want to build up your coupon base, please check under the coupon tab and click on and  Print out coupons for products you use.  Also, you can click on the word coupons in the menu bar and that will bring you to every individual coupon that we have posted. 

For Organic and Natural food lovers, please look for organic deals to have it’s own category under the coupons tab.  (unfortunately, it is not there yet,  Steph thought she put it there, but she apparently didn’t, so Keith needs to fix it).  Check out our post here that will give you many links to help you find organic coupons. 

If you are looking for gardening tips and info please check the Grow your Own tab for great How-tos and what you should be doing in your garden this week. 

If you are interested in attending a free coupon class or garden class to learn hands on information and ask us questions face to face please check under the classes tab.

If you need any other info or have other questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and ask!  Please tell your friends about us and like us on facebook (if you are on FB)!

FYI-many more how-to posts will be coming i.e. stockpiling, coupon organization, etc.

We are happy you are here, we pray that you will be blessed, save money, and be able to give out of your abundance to bless others.

-Steph and Keith


2 Responses to How to use this website

  1. Karen Aller says:


    When I use the top navigation and click start here and then coupon org I get a page not found.


    • Keith & Steph says:

      aw, so sorry! I have not put anything there yet! but that reminds me that I have to put posts there. Sorry! Do you have any specific questions I can answer ?

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