coupon class tip: How do Shoprite ecoupons work?

how to use shoprite ecoupons

Do you know how to use Shoprite ecoupons? Are you wondering how do Shoprite ecoupons work? Wondering if you can stack Shoprite ecoupons or want to learn more about them? Keep reading as this post will tell you how Shoprite ecoupons work and how to use Shoprite ecoupons.

One of the things I talk about in my coupon classes is combining store coupons with manufacturer coupons,with sales, reward deals and rebates to get the best deals.  The more coupon options you have, the more you can save.

You might have noticed I have been posting some deals with Shoprite ecoupons. I know it can be confusing with the various e coupons like cellfire and savingstar and shoprite, so I hope to help clarify somethings for you in this post and show you How to Use Shoprite ecoupons

First of all, you need to login and register your Shoprite Price Plus card and then save the Shoprite ecoupons that you want to your card.  They will stay on your card til you are ready to use them or until they expire (whichever comes first)

Here are some things I have discovered about shoprite ecoupons and some tips to help you utilize them effectively.

1. You cannot use a cellfire coupon and a SR ecoupon on the same item. In fact, once I had a cellfire coupon and SR ecoupon for the same item.  I made sure I had 2 of those items in my cart.  Yet, only 1 coupon came off.  It appears as if identical SR ecoupons and cellfire coupons cannot be used in the same transaction, no matter how many items you buy.  So split your transactions up if you have identical coupons.

2.  Wondering if you can stack a Shoprite ecoupon with a manufacturer coupon?  UPDATE – I was always told by 1 – 800 Shoprite Customer Service, that you cannot use a paper manufacturer coupon and a Shoprite ecoupon together.  I called countless times and always got the same answer.

Recently, I was speaking to another blogger, whose Shoprite store manager told her that she can stack Shoprite ecoupons with paper mfc. She had some contacts at Wakefern ( the company that owns Shoprite) and we finally got an answer in writing that YES in Fact, you CAN stack a Shoprite ecoupon with a paper manufacturer coupon.

 Now this might be a ymmv situation (your miles may vary), because they do not have anything about this issue written in the Shoprite Coupon policy.  However, since I have it in writing from someone from corporate that you can stack Shoprite ecoupons, my Shoprite deals will now reflect that. This means way more savings for us!

3.  New Shoprite ecoupons pop up all the time.  At various times of the day.  Most of the time, new Shoprite ecoupons pop up on Sunday mornings, so make sure you always check them on Sundays.

4.  Shoprite ecoupons disappear at random times.  They can even disappear wayyy before their expiration date.  So Save them all  to your Shoprite card ASAP.  If they are saved to your card, you will still have them, even if they disappear.

5.  Shoprite ecoupons are for a variety of items and brands including Shoprite brand and name brand items.

6. Shoprite ecoupons are finicky, they have been known to not come off at the register.  If your Shoprite ecoupon doesn’t work and it doesn’t come off at the register for you, you can call 1-800-Shoprite and see if they will send  you a gift card credit. Make sure you have your receipt handy when you call.

6.  Do Shoprite ecoupons Double? As with all ecoupons, Shoprite ecoupons can only be used once and Shoprite ecoupons do not double.

7.  Shoprite ecoupons are just another way to save money at Shoprite!  Combine them with sales and catalina’s to get great deals.

8.  Go here to check out all the current Shoprite ecoupons.

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3 Responses to coupon class tip: How do Shoprite ecoupons work?

  1. Rosie says:

    I am having trouble viewing the shoprite ecoupons

  2. mary says:

    I think that they ‘have to’ allow stacking SR ecoupons and Manufacture coupons because the way the program is coded, this is permitted. It made no sense for them to say that you can not do it and then if you actually tried it, the cash register allowed it. I think they are simply conceding on this point.

    Thanks for writing about this.

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