Home-made, all natural soda recipe for SodaStream

Homemade sodastream recipe sprite


For those who haven’t heard of the Soda-Stream, it’s a system for making your own soda at home.  The core of the system is the machine, which makes carbonated water, that you can then mix with syrups that they make.  It’s way cheaper than buying soda, and also a lot better for the planet.

We are still in the process of testing ours out – we’ll be writing a review once we’ve given it a full testing, so stay tuned for that.  So far, I will say that it’s a pretty cool machine. Check out our full Sodastream review here.

So today, in the spirit of being ‘frugal’ and natural, I decided to make a really simple soda from scratch, instead of using the pre-made syrups.  I tried really hard to make it taste like Sprite, one of my favorite sodas.

Here’s what I came up with:

Make a Simple Syrup:
– mix equal parts of sugar and boiling water, stirring  until the sugar dissolves completely, then chill.

Soda recipe:
–  1/4 cup chilled simple syrup (above).
–  1-1/4 cup chilled carbonated water from the Soda-Stream.
–  2 tsp fresh squeezed lime juice
–  1 tsp fresh squeezed lemon juice

You could adjust the sweetness or citrus to your own taste; also other sweeteners could be used, but we played around with it and really liked these proportions.

Considering buying a Sodastream? Here is a smoking hot deal that you can grab right now (12/2013) on a Sodastream sodamaker!  Go here to check out the details.

HAVE A RECIPE TO SHARE??  If you’ve ever made your own soda and have a recipe to share, please do!   Or, if you have any ideas for a ‘custom’made’ soda, maybe we (or another reader) will try to come up with a recipe.

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