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Ok, so for years, I have been making custom calendars for my family for Christmas presents.  This year, I just didn’t get to it.  My mom was so disappointed, so I promised her at Christmas that I would make one for her this month.  I am super glad that I found this deal for a FREE calendar deal from Vistaprint.

I actually made a bunch of calendars from Vistaprint last year! It was super easy and the quality was really nice!

Here is what I do every year to give you an idea- but feel free to use your own ideas-

So, I gather digital pictures of my kids from each month of the previous year.  So, for example the January 2013 page will have pictures of my boys from January 2012.  So, as I flip the pages of the calendar I watch how my kids grew up the previous year.  It also makes a nice keepsake at the end of the year.

You can save the calendar whole, or cut the pages out and put it in a scrapbook, like this one Pioneer 8 1/2 Inch by 11 Inch Postbound Fabric Frame Cover Memory Book.

If you also feel up to it, you can put all the important family dates and birthdays on there! You can customize the colors and how many pictures you have on a page and more!

So go here to get started and make a picture of your kids, or nieces and nephews, or friends, or spouse or pets or whatever. Just pay shipping!


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  1. mary says:

    My husband put one of these together for his mother last month and she really, really loved it. And I read about the free deal last month on you site! Thanks!

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