15 Frugal ways to stay warm (in the Polar Vortex)

frugal ways to stay warm

Here are 15 frugal ways to keep warm (without breaking the bank) during these FREEZING temperatures and Polar Vortex.  Some of these might be obvious, but I figure we all could use a reminder!

  1. Wear Fuzzy Socks.   I honestly hate shoes and socks, and would rather live in my flip flops year round, but when it is this cold, I must wear socks, especially around the house.  I hate wearing something that restricts my feet, so I love wearing cozy fuzzy socks like these.
  2. Wear Slippers over your fuzzy socks. Wearing slippers over your socks, will keep your feet even warmer, and give you a little traction.  You could just wear slippers by themselves, but I like to cozy up on the couch (see below) and tuck my socked feet under me.
  3. Wear a Hoodie or a Hat, yes, even indoors.  Most of your body heat escapes from your head.  While wearing a hat indoors would drive me crazy, I can do a cozy zip up hoodie.  And you know what the warmest, coziest thing to wear is a OnePiece Jumpsuit.   They are so warm and cozy and have a hood!
  4. Wear fleece lined leggings or tights under your pants, to keep you cozy!
  5. Warm up your clothes in the dryer for a few minutes for ultimate warmth!
  6. Drink Hot Drinks.  Holding a warm mug in your hands will keep your hands warm, the steam will warm your face, and when you drink that warm drink it will warm your insides.  Drink hot cocoa, coffee,  or tea. Add a marshmallow or some flavored syrups to mix it up.  Here is my utmost favorite hot chocolate … when I treat myself to something special. It is divine! (They make plain flavors too)
  7. Bake something, bake a lot, leave the oven door open when you are done. Baking is frugal in and of itself, plus the activity of moving around while baking will warm you up. Not to mention running the oven will help warm the house, or at least the kitchen. Leaving the oven door open, when you are done, will let all that hot air into your kitchen, warming it even more. PLUS, you will have something yummy and WARM to eat, which will warm your insides! Check out our pinterest board for some yummy recipes!
  8. Eat Warm meals like oatmeal for breakfast and soups and stews for lunch and dinner. They will warm your insides!
  9. Cuddle, with friends, your pet, the love of your life, your kids. Body heat makes warmth. Rent a movie and cuddle up!
  10. Use Micro Plush Sheets. These are seriously the best investment ever. They are so cozy, comfy and warm. The best ever!
  11. Clean your house. The activity will warm you up and you will also get something done!
  12. Exercise. Burn some calories and warm yourself up at the same time
  13. Use a blanket. Keep extra cozy blankets on your couch.  Make sure you snuggle up with one, when you are not baking, exercising or cleaning.
  14. Close your curtains to keep the drafts and cold out.  Also, seal your windows if you can.
  15. Keep closet doors closed. There is no need to make your heat work harder to heat your closet space! Keep them closed! Our front entry way closet is on an outside wall and is literally freezing inside (I will use tip #5 for the jackets).  There is no need for me to spend money on heat to heat this frigid space, and I also don’t want all the cold air leaking into the rest of the house!

Do you have any tips on staying warm in these cold temps?

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  1. My handsome hubby and I found that burning candles can create a lot of warmth. We used jar candles (the inexpensive larger ones that are 2 for $10 on sale at the pharmacy), and were amazed at what a difference it made. My handsome hubby also covered the slider with plastic, and we kept a rolled up towel stuffed under the apartment door to prevent drafts and heat loss. We survived the polar vortex in Kalamazoo, MI with temperatures nearing -20 and windchills at -37. Saturday we’re moving back to Florida – we’ve had enough.

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