Frugal tip-How to save on Starbucks Coffee

The Secret to getting more Coffee for your buck at Starbucks

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How to Save Money on Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks coffee with a friend is one of my guilty pleasures.  Occasionally, I will treat myself to some $4+ fancy drink, but most of the time, I can’t bring myself to pay that price. (Although when the seasonal pumpkin lattes, salted caramel mochas and peppermint mochas come out… I find myself indulging a tiny bit more) Most of the time however, I just get a cheap coffee with my favorite syrup. Here is one huge frugal tip I learned about Starbucks, from my dear friend, and Generous Savings reader,  Wendy (who used to be a barista at Starbucks, by the way). When ordering a coffee, order the size coffee you want, in the next size up cup.   That means, when I order I say, ” I would like a tall coffee in a grande sized cup please.” Now, I do this for 2 reasons. One, because typically Starbucks fills their coffee to the tippy top of the cup.  So, if you want free coffee samplesto add milk and sugar, like me, you need to dump some of that expensive coffee out to make room for the milk and sugar.  That just seems counterproductive,  not economical, and quite wasteful.   I have literally seen people dumping their coffee into the garbage on more than one occasion.  Having your tall coffee in a grande cup means there is always plenty of room for milk and sugar!

Get More Coffee in your Cup

The other perk to getting your coffee this way, is 90% of the time (give or take), you will actually get MORE coffee in your cup!!!  Then when you add your milk and sugar, your cup will be almost full! As you can see from my picture above that illustrates this, I got a tall in a grande cup.  I added a couple sugars and a small amount of milk.  If you like your coffee light, it really would be practically to the top. I have actually gone out with Keith where, he orders a grande, and I order a tall in a grande cup and we have practically the same amount of coffee in our cup once I add milk and sugar! Another frugal Starbucks tip, is to get a Starbucks card and register it.  This allows you to get extra perks like free syrup in your coffee. So, instead of getting an expensive fancy coffee drink, I save money, by getting a tall coffee in a grande cup with free syrup with my Starbucks card! How do you save at Starbucks or any coffee shop?

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5 Responses to Frugal tip-How to save on Starbucks Coffee

  1. carolyn says:

    ask for senior discount if you are over 55- 10 percent off! if you get AARP -free donut

  2. Tshanina @ Thrifty T's Treasures says:

    What a nifty idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Brilliant! Never thought of doing this.

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