Couponing 101 for Busy Moms – Pt 2 The Stockpile Principle

couponing 101 for busy moms

Ok, yesterday I introduced our new series, Couponing 101 for Busy Moms and Dads and every other busy person who wants to save money with very little time. I warned you that you were going to need to change your thinking when it comes to couponing and grocery shopping. I gave you an entire day to just breathe and prepare for this new Couponing adventure. So are you ready?

Today, I am going to share Secret Number 2 for Saving Money with coupons, and I am not just talking about saving a few dollars, I am talking about saving a lot of money! This is the foundational principle that the rest of this series will be based on.

how to stockpile

Combine Store sales (really good store sales, like half off or better) with great Coupons and STOCK UP. Also, if you can combine a rebate, catalina deal, store rewards deal, gift card deal, etc with this, you will save even more.


Time Saving tip-

Even if you don’t have time to coupon, you can still SAVE a TON with this principle, by stocking up on a really good sale.

Shopping Scenarios:

Here are 3 shopping scenarios for you, illustrating the importance of this stockpile principle.  We are going to use Coffee Creamer as an example- This retails for $3.99, but sometimes, goes on sale for $2.99, $1.99 and $1.39.

Shopping without coupons & without stockpiling-

Sue does not coupon and does not apply the stockpile principle when she goes shopping.  She buys what she needs every week, whether it is on sale or not. She buys 1 coffee creamer a week.

Week 1 – Sue buys coffee creamer for $1.39
Week 2 – Sue buys coffee creamer on sale for $3.99
Week 3 – Sue buys coffee creamer for $2.99
Week 4 – Sue buys coffee for $3.99
Sue spent $12.36 on coffee creamer in 1 month

Shopping without coupons, but using the stockpile principle:

*Andy does not coupon, but he is a smart shopper and understands the stocking up principle. He used to manage a Grand Union, when he was young, so he knows that sales cycle. He also realizes that his favorite coffee creamer has a long shelf life, and checks the expiration dates to confirm this before making his purchases.

Week 1 – Andy buys 4 coffee creamers for $1.39 each.
Week 2, 3, and 4- Andy does not buy coffee creamer. When he runs out of creamer, he goes to the back of his fridge where the coffee creamer that he bought on sale during week 1, is waiting for him.
Andy spent – $5.56 on coffee creamer in 1 month. He spent 55% LESS than Sue, just by stocking up.

Shopping with coupons and using the stockpile principle:

*Steph is a busy mom, but she knows that taking a few minutes to print coupons, can save her a ton of money in the long run. She also realizes that her favorite coffee creamer has a long shelf life and double checks the expiration dates before making her purchase

Week 1 – Steph buys 4 coffee creamers for $1.39 ea, but she uses 4 $0.55/1 Coffee creamer printable coupons when making her purchase, making each creamer only $0.29 each after doubled coupons.
Week 2, 3, and 4- Steph does not buy coffee creamer, when she runs out, she goes to the back of her fridge where the coffee creamer that she bought on sale, with coupons during week 1, is waiting for her.
Steph spent – $1.16 on coffee creamer in 1 month  She spent $11.20 (90%) less than Sue! She spent $4.40 (20%) less than Andy.

So, hopefully you can see by the above stories, that stocking up (with or without) coupons during a really good sale can save you a TON of money. Imagine, if Steph (and Andy too for that matter) applied this principle to more than just coffee creamer (oh and believe me, she does 😉  ).   She can save  hundreds each month, THOUSANDS each year!

I realize the above is a lot of math.  You don’t always have to do the math, BUT if you have an understanding of the math above, you will realize how worth it it is to MAKE THE CHANGES I will be talking about.

 If you don’t understand why you are to make the changes, you really won’t be motivated to change.  Right?

BUT, if you know that you can make 1 or 2 changes a week and save $5, that means you will save $260 a year! What would you do with an extra $260? Go away to a bed and breakfast for the night?  Go have a spa day?  Get your hair and nails done and buy a new outfit?  Pay off some debt.

If you make  a few more changes and save $10 each week, you can save $520 a year.
If you make a few more changes, you can save $20 each week – over $1000 each year!!!

What would you do with an extra $1,000?

Knowing the reason why you are couponing and what you are saving for, will help you decide if you want to be a Sue, Andy or Steph

Ok, so right now, I just want you to reread the above, digest it. Ask me questions if you have any (leave a comment on facebook or below).  Understand the math behind stocking up and couponing. Breathe.

See our next couponing tip
and learn how a certain little change in your thinking, can EASILY Help you save money at the store and it will only cost you a few short minutes of your time!

*Andy and Steph are based on real people, and their shopping habits, you might even know them 😉
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