Couponing 101 for Busy Moms Part 1 – Prepare to change

couponing 101 for busy moms

Welcome to my new series Couponing for Busy Moms. This of course could also be called Couponing for Busy Dads, or Couponing for Busy People. Let’s face it, we are all busy and one of the biggest complaints I hear about couponing is “I don’t have time to coupon”. Well, I am here to debunk the myth that you don’t have time for couponing. In this upcoming series of posts, I plan on showing you my time saving tips and tricks to help you cut down your grocery bill!

And believe me, I know that you are busy too and so am I. I also know that you might be just learning to coupon, so I am going to break down this info into tiny bite size pieces for you. And as always, I am always here to help clarify or answer any questions you might have, please leave a comment below or on facebook and I will be happy to help you!

Ok, are you ready for my first couponing secret?


Yup, that is secret number one, change your thought process about food and grocery shopping. I know, I know, I hate change too. Really, I do! We are an instant gratification culture, we are trained to NOT want to change.  We want everything to be handed to us.

Therefore change can be  so hard, and maybe even a bit scary.  But, the right changes can be SO worth it in the end. I promise, the changes I am talking about are manageable and I will try and make them not too scary. But honestly, if you want to learn how to save money, you are going to have to change a little bit.

So, if you are not willing to change AT ALL, then maybe you should stop reading this right now. BUT, I hope you won’t stop reading. I hope you will read this entire series and let me hold your hand as I help you make little changes that give you BIG results.

Are you ready?

For right now, just prepare yourself for the small changes I am going to ask you to make, in how you think about food and grocery shopping. Ok?

That’s all for today. Just breathe and prepare for change. Also, prepare to save a lot of money!

See, I know how much you hate change, that I am giving you a day to prepare… small bite size tips, I am going to give you. I promise.

See our  next Couponing 101 tip for Busy Moms (and well  all busy people) 😉

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