Coupon pep talk: How to grow your coupon stash

This Pep Talk Tuesday is dedicated to those who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of coupons in their stash.  Everyone should keep reading though, because I will include lots of info for all of you to get more coupons.

When I first started reading blogs and doing this serious coupon thing over a year ago,  I found it frustrating that I didn’t have all the coupons in the match-ups.  As you can see, many store match-ups include coupons from past newspaper inserts.  I was a bit disappointed,  but I shouldn’t have been too worried, because before I knew it I had inserts coming out of my eyeballs.
If you are just starting out, do not worry that you don’t have a lot of past coupon inserts, you will have a large stash before you know it. Trust me, you will.  Besides, having fewer inserts when you start out, will keep you from getting overwhelmed right away.  There might be a benefit to starting slower and with fewer coupons,  you can get your feet wet with this coupon thing, before you are inundated with newspaper inserts.

If you are really feeling frustrated, or really need to save more money now, here are some ideas for all of you to gather more coupons:

Call or email companies for coupons

Find the website of your favorite foods, or foods that are listed in the match-ups and call or email them and sweetly request a coupon.  Tell them how much you love their products and was wondering if they had any coupons available to send you.  I actually prefer calling, and have had great results.  I usually blog about it when I have a good response.  Some people prefer emailing.  Either way,  you can gather some coupons this way.

Print Print Print

There are tons of printable coupons online.  You can search manufacturer websites, the coupon database,,,,,, Coupon Network, etc.   Remember you can print most coupons twice.  Thank you for supporting our site by printing these awesome coupons!

There are even many organic coupons out there.  There are lots of coupons on manufacturer facebook pages too.  Even if you are not on facebook or feel uncomfortable about sharing your info on facebook, you can set up a “fake” facebook account that you only use for getting free samples and coupons.

Request Free samples

Many times a high value coupon will come with a free sample.  So, if you have the time  you can request a bunch of samples.  I usually list my favorite free samples each week.  You definately want to take advantage of them!

Purchase coupons

I am excited to be partnering with Insert Insanity and Wiz Clipz.  You can purchase complete inserts from Insert Insanity so that you can catch up on anything you missed.  You can  have an instant coupon stash at any time, just by placing an order with them.  You can also stock up on individual coupons from Wiz Clipz.  I am loving this service! You can stock up and order 10 packs of your favorite coupons! I highly recommend both of these  services.

Newspaper inserts

And of course, continue to gather your newspaper inserts.  I save them all and file them in file folders.  You never know when one of those coupons will get you a good freebie or even money-maker.  Even though, you might be just starting out, trust me, you will have more inserts than you know what to do with in a month or two.

Enter Coupon Giveaways

Blogs like to have giveaways.  Since Generous Savings is still rather small and new,  we don’t have big giveaways yet, like some of the bigger blogs out there.  But we do like to giveaway lots of coupons when we get extras..

Even if you don’t do most of the above deals, as long as you get 2 newspapers each week, you will have tons of coupons.  The reverse works as well, even though you don’t purchase newspapers, if you use all the other resources above, you will still have tons of coupons.  Obviously, if you most of the above, you will have the most coupons and theoretically save the most money, if you play your coupons right.  So for all you newbies out there, hang in there, you will have a ton of coupons soon!

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6 Responses to Coupon pep talk: How to grow your coupon stash

  1. Karen Aller says:

    I just called Turkey Hill and got $5 in coupons!

  2. Jenn says:

    You might also be friends with someone who purchases several newspapers, but doesn’t use all the coupons. I have a friend at church who, EVERY Sunday, hands me a plastic bag filled with coupons. She has helped me tremendously in building up my stockpile and I never have to purchase a paper! 🙂

  3. DianeG says:

    Good pep talk! I remember feeling like that last year before I built up a stash. Now I find I have a lot of coupons I don’t use and would like to exchange with others – does anyone know of local exchange groups? I also have not crossed the line into buying coupons from a clipping service yet. I’m just not sure I could get out to use them in time etc…

    By the way – Jen – that’s a nice friend you have!

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