Coupon Class Tips: Shopping after Christmas sales

tips for shopping the after holiday sales

Here are some money saving tips and ideas for how to save money by shopping the after Christmas sales!

Keep in mind that stores will start marking their prices down by a certain percentage (say 30 or 50%), but then as time goes on, they will mark things down further to 75% or more.  It is a good idea to try to ask a manager when they think things will be marked down.  My local CVS shipped out their Halloween stuff once it hit 50% off.  I was quite disappointed, when I went to grab some candy (that they  had just had the day before) and I was told they shipped it all out to another store!!!

Also, you need to look at the selection and try and guess if they will still have the item you are looking for in a few days, when things get marked down further, or if you should snatch it up now!

You also need to look at your budget and plan accordingly!  I desperately need Christmas lights, so any extra money I have will first go towards lights.  Then, if I have extra money in my budget, I might purchase something fun, like a candle!

Save on Food:

Look for seasonal food items that will be on clearance.  Many of these are perfectly useful and delicious, but the stores have to clear their shelves to make room for new items.  These items will still be good for lunch boxes or your morning cup of coffee!

Plus, use candy for baking!  Last year, I bought a bag of red and green m & m’s on clearance with a coupon.  I got it for next to nothing.  Then I had my son, (after thoroughly washing his hands of course) divide up the m & m’s by color.  I used the red one’s to make cookies for Valentine’s day and the green ones to make brownies for St. Patrick’s day.  My coworkers and family loved the treats, my son loved sorting thru the candy, and my husband loved the minimal impact on our wallet!

Remember to stack a coupon with the sale for even greater savings!

Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

  • cookies
  • coffee
  • candy
  • and more!

Stock up and Save for next Christmas:

You can start saving for next Christmas right now, by shopping the after Christmas sales.  Just like the key to saving on groceries, is stocking up when prices are at their lowest, you can save a ton on your Christmas budget by shopping after Christmas sales.

If your budget allows here are some things you should be purchasing this week to put aside for next year:

  • wrapping paper, gift bags, and bows (tip- look for solids that can double as wrapping for Valentine’s day or other occasions!)
  • ornaments and Christmas lights
  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas decorations for your home-tablecloths, candles, silk flowers and much more

Stock up on Winter Clothes:

Many clothing stores will be having clearance sales this week or later this month to get rid of their winter selection and make room for spring clothes!  This is how I buy my kids designer clothes at Walmart prices every year!  I shop these sales and buy ahead for the next season!

Items to consider:

  • shirts and sweaters
  • pants
  • jackets
  • hats, gloves, mittens, scarves
  • boots

PLEASE, feel free to list any great clearance finds or sales that you come across in the comments below!!!

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  1. I posted my clearance find last night on my blog — sheath dress + blazer for just under $15 combined from, including free shipping!

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