Coupon Class Tip: Tips on signing up for freebies and coupons

Here are some tips from my coupon class regarding signing up for free samples and coupons!

First of all-set up a free junk email account.

  • use yahoo, hotmail, gmail…etc
  • use this email when signing up for freebies and coupons so that you don’t clog your important email with newsletters, or promos from the companies
  • I like to use the same password as my other email, so I don’t get too confused


Second, to protect your privacy-don’t use your real birthdate

  • choose a day and year that is close to your birthday, but not your actual birthday This is just an extra measure to protect yourself

Third, Use a nickname

  • When signing up for freebies use the first part of your name or nickname
  • not only does this protect your privacy, but if you start getting a lot of junk mail (I have not)  you will know where it came from
  • You will also recognize which is the FUN mail and which is the “you owe me money”  mail, quicker…and have fun opening your gifts while walking back from the mailbox!

Fourth, Use a prepaid card

  • Sometimes to get a freebie, you have to give a credit card number.  It might be because you are signing up for a free trial of a service and your card will be charged in the future if you don’t cancel the service.
  • Get a prepaid credit card with a small amount on it, to use for these circumstances, this way if you forget to cancel and your card is charged you won’t lose any money
  • Note- companies are catching onto this and won’t always allow you to use a prepaid card (I have no idea how the computer knows the difference.)

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