Coupon Class Tip: Stock-up

I think I am going to start another regular post series….Coupon class tips!

This tip is inspired by all the amazing razor coupons that are available right now.  Here is my crazy saving money, stockpiling tip.

These coupons will allow you to get razors that typically go for around $10-for FREE or super duper cheap.  You might even make money on these razors.

So here is my tip.  Right now, print out all these amazing coupons here.

Print as many as you can.  That means print 2 per every computer that you have!!!

If you don’t have multiple computers, see if your friends and family can print you an extra couple.

Then, buy as many of these expensive razors for super cheap as you can!! put them on a shelf…they won’t go bad!  When you need a razor, you just go grab your free or near free razor off your shelf as opposed to going to the store and paying $8-$10 !

The more coupons you have, the more free razors you can get (theoretically, there will be limits on some stores, but I think there will be multiple deals we can grab before these coupons expire)

Apply this stock-up principle to other freebie deals to save even more!!!!!!!!

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