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coupon class tip why coupon?

Just like most things in life there are highs and lows in couponing.  As some of you may already realize, couponing does take some time and there is a learning curve.  Sometimes couponing can be a lot of fun, while other times things don’t always go as planned and couponing can be frustrating.

I think that having a  purpose and setting a goal for why you are couponing can really help you stay focused and even help with your time management.

So ask yourself “Why am I couponing?  What would I do with an extra $10, $50, $100, $1000?” Some specific things to consider:

  1. Are you or your spouse out of work and you need to make up some of the income that you lost?
  2. Did you quit your job to become a stay at home mom and you want to help supplement your families income?
  3. Is money extremely tight and you are barely making ends meet?
  4. Are you in debt and tired of it and want to do everything possible to get rid of the debt?
  5. Would you like some extra luxuries in life?  Would you like to go on a vacation to Disney?  Would you like to stay in a nicer hotel?  Would you like to go on vacation more often?  Do you need or want something new?  New car? New house? New clothes?
  6. Are you trying to build up your savings account, since the economy is so unstable?
  7. Are you planning for a major event that costs money like a wedding or birth of a baby?
  8. Would you like to help others but don’t have the money to do so?
  9. Would you like to give more to your local church’s building fund, or sponsor a child through World Vision, or give to some other charity?
  10. Do you just want to be a good steward of your money?

As you can see there are many, many reasons, someone might need or want to coupon. Figuring out what your reason is for couponing, will help you stay on track and help you stay focused.

Your reason for couponing, will also affect how you manage your time and what deals you choose to do.  Obviously, the tighter money is, the more time you should probably put into couponing.  If you are saving for a trip or a special purchase, how much you coupon depends on how much and when that purchase will be.

When you feel overwhelmed by couponing or when you aren’t even sure if you should be couponing, remind yourself of the reason you are couponing.

For example, if you answered yes to question #2 and you had a bad couponing day, step back and remind yourself “I am couponing so that I can stay home with  my kids, and be there for them.”  Give them an extra hug and do something fun with them.

Another example-If you are couponing so that you can make a big purchase and you are overwhelmed with couponing, think about that big purchase and how fun it will be when you can afford it.  Remind yourself, that you probably wouldn’t be able to have that item, if you didn’t coupon.

I think having an end goal and a clear purpose for couponing will ultimately help you be a better couponer.  Use your end goal to encourage yourself to keep going!  If you were running a race, you would need to know where the finish line was right?  Think of your goal as the finish line of a race.  Once you reach that goal, choose a new goal and keep going!

When you can afford nice food for your family, watch your debt get paid off, afford that nice dress you wanted, afford to take your family on a nice vacation, buy yourself a new car, etc. Smile and be proud of yourself!

Here is an example of my coupon goal(s):  I originally started couponing to get rid of our debt.  I also like to help and give to others and couponing has enabled me to do that as well.  When my husband started his own business, some months were slow.  Sometimes I was couponing just to put food on the table.  I am a teacher and took this summer off, so couponing helped me afford not working this summer.  Once school starts in September, I will be back to my original goal of couponing to get out of debt.  Once I get out of debt, I will choose new goals, but they will probably include helping others, contributing to my church’s building program, and saving for a big vacation.

So why are you couponing?  Figure it out and let us know…that is if you feel comfortable sharing in the comments.

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