Coupon Class Tip: Amazon’s prices change-grab the deal while it’s hot

Since the holidays are around the corner, I have been posting many deals for
There are several reasons for this:

  • I have been shopping from Amazon myself lately
  • it is easy to search for great deals
  • you can get free super saver shipping or free 2 day shipping with Prime.
  • Plus, I signed up for the one month free trial of Prime, so that I can get all my shipping and last minute shopping done quickly, easily and freely

While searching for deals for you all and myself, I realized something.  Amazon’s prices change at the drop of a hat.  So when I post a price cut and a great deal, if you are interested in that deal, you better grab it fast!

I personally, have  missed out on some great deals on Cars 2 products.  I put the items in my cart last night and today they are almost double the price!!!  I kid you not!  Also, while browsing through Amazon, I  have come across items that I have posted this past week, and many of those items have had their prices increased.

I knew Amazon changed their prices often, but I had no idea that I would miss out on some deals within 24 hours!  So, please keep this in mind when you see me post a hot deal on Amazon.  If you are interested, you should snag it!  Don’t be impulsive, but try not to put it off til later either.  I don’t want you to miss your deals, like I missed my Cars 2 deals!!

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