Coupon Class tip: Christmas in July – Start Saving for Christmas Now pt 1

Can you believe we are halfway to Christmas? I know, it’s hot and all I can think about is the beach and working on my tan, but my 3 year old asked me today “Mommy, when is it going to snow?” (no joke)
Now remember, for those of us in central New Jersey, we haven’t had snow since October, so my baby boy is really itching to go sledding.

Anyway, his question got me thinking, wow, when will it snow. “Well, probably around Christmas time, honey. In about 6 months” What? six months?! While that seems like a long time from now, you know the time will fly by. I am hoping to help you save money ahead of time this year, so that you can cut your Christmas bills in half! In addition to cutting your grocery bill in half, let’s cut down your holiday bills too!

So my first Cutting your Holiday Budget in half is –

Take advantage of the free and super cheap deals we post.

Think outside of the box and plan ahead. When you see a deal, always ask yourself, “Can I use this as a Christmas gift?”

We are constantly trying to find great deals for you and you know I (Steph) always try to put my creative think outside of the box spin on things to help you brainstorm. Seriously, if you start planning now and taking advantage of the great deals we post now, you will chip away at your holiday shopping for a fraction of the cost.

Get personal with photo deals:

  • When there are great deals like  $10 off $10 purchase at Shutterfly. Get creative, think ahead. Buy a photo gift like a mousepad for your dad or brother. Order photos and make a cute scrapbook for your significant other or your parents or grandparents.
  • Or, when I post deals like the $1 Grocery bag tote, think of someone in your life and make them a personalized bag. Then instead of wrapping their present in wrapping paper, stick it in the personalized grocery bag. I bet the receiver of that gift will love it.
  • There are lots of free and super cheap deals we post from InkGarden, VistaPrint, and  other photo sites throughout the year.  Take advantage of those deals.  Think of the people in your life that would use those items and grab them.
  • I bet people in your life would love a personalized and unique gift.  You can put pictures of you and that person on the item and whenever they use it they will think of you and how you love them!
  • Remember, I am always trying to give you some think outside of the box tips in many of our freebie posts.  Use those tips as a springboard to come up with a really great and money saving gift idea!

Stock up on small freebies:

  • When we post deals like eye shadow for $0.21 or free hand cream or free chocolate, grab those deals and stick them in a bin. In 6 months, you will have a bunch of cool, cute items in your bin that you can make into little gift baskets for teachers, sisters, friends, coworkers, cousins, etc.
  • One year I made little gift bags with Revlon nail polish, nail files, Nivea lip gloss and toblerone chocolates, for all of my son’s teachers (I even remembered the school nurse).  I did not pay a dime for these adorable little gifts.  I just collected free and money maker items throughout the year and then assembled them in little cellophane bags in December.

Keep an eye out for Toy coupons and clearance sales:

  • Toy coupons come out all the time, print them and keep them in your purse because you never know when you will come across a great toy clearance sale.  Stack your coupon with the sale and tuck the item away for the holidays (or birthdays)
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