Avoiding the Black Hole of Black Friday

black friday shopping tips

What once was just a huge sale on the day after Thanksgiving, has now turned into over a week and a half of Sales.   Walmart started us off by having a Pre Black Friday sale last week.   Then other stores  jumped on board and started their sales earlier, so they could compete with Walmart.   Tons of Black Friday sales started online on Thursday (some as early as Tuesday). Stores began opening on Thanksgiving and I heard a newscaster dub it as Gray Thursday.  Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Is that what Thanksgiving is going to be known as someday- “Gray Thursday” ?  Oh and by the way, some Cyber Monday sales are even starting on Sunday.

My head is spinning.

I mean really, who can keep all these deals straight?  I am doing my best, but let me tell you I am finding it nearly impossible to do so.

My heart is also spinning.

As I  find and type all of these deals up for you, I feel the need to share from my heart a bit.

I need you all to know, that my reason for helping you save money and find you all these deals, is not that you will have more stuff, but instead that you will have more money left over to save or give away.

**GASP** Did she just say, have money to give away?

Um, Yes, yes I did….

Remember, it is  my passion to help you save more so that you can give more. Hence the name, Generous Savings.  (See the title above in your web browser 😉 )

I think  these days and days of insane deals make it  all too easy to go overboard with your spending. Actually, I think it is next to impossible to not go overboard, especially if you don’t have a plan and a budget.   When there was just black Friday, it was easy enough to go overboard, but now, it is like a week and a half of Black Friday/Cyber Monday insanity.

save generously

What is a person to do?

Make your list and check it twice

If you don’t have a plan, you will spend way over what you intended. So, make a list of who you need to buy for,  with gift ideas and a budget for each person.

Once you have set a budget, I hope to help you come in UNDER Budget.

I think an easy trap to fall into, would be thinking something like this – “Well, I saved $100 on that Kindle, so now I have an extra $100 to spend on something else.”  What I am really hoping you do, is set aside some of that money that I helped you save and put it in a savings account or put it towards  paying off any debts you have.

I also hope you will be able to take at least a small portion of that savings and bless someone else this Holiday Season.  There are so many charities to donate to, and I also hope that Generous Savings and it’s readers can sponsor a family this Christmas.  (I am still waiting for my contact to find me a family for us to sponsor).

Here is the thing

More stuff doesn’t equal happiness.  More stuff sometimes just equals more clutter.  At the very least it is just stuff, temporary stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, it is very tempting for me to want to spend money on a lot of things right now. Money is tight and has been very tight for my family for years now, esp. since I got laid off a few months ago.

As I post all these hot deals I find myself wishing that I could get many of them for myself. I wish I had that new hot deal on a camera that I just posted, or some of this awesome craft storage furniture.  I mean these are really hot deals that are happening right now and these are things that I do need and would put to good use.  But, I am sticking to my very tight budget and waiting.

Keith and I did happen to get a hot deal on a 32 in tv (our current one is tiny), that I am super excited about!  But even though we saved hundreds of dollars on that tv, we aren’t going to spend more money on ourselves.

Seriously people….  I realize I am a deal blogger… and I  have been promoting a ton of deals over the past few days.  And Yes, I hope you get what you want and what you need…but, please don’t go overboard.  Use these hot deals and saving to get what you want and stay within your budget or even come in under budget.

I would love to hear how much you saved this holiday season!  And, it would truly bless me, if you could use a small (or large) portion of what you saved and bless someone in need this holiday season.  If you feel comfortable doing so, Please feel free to share what you were able to do with your savings, it would truly bless me to hear about it!

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One Response to Avoiding the Black Hole of Black Friday

  1. Joanne says:

    Very well said. I have been able to buy families in need in my community gifts for their children. I called a counselor I know and asked her if she had a family with children that needed help, she knew just the family so I got to go Christmas shopping for two young boys that year. Last year buying for a family with 3 children did exactly what you said was over bought on so many great deals. ButI was still under budget thanks to you. A 2 pc outfit for $5.00 in store $5.00 each pc = $10. for the same thing. So since most of the extra was boy things I called the local elementary school and asked if they had a family in need with boys and they did. God brought me to this one and Generous Savings helped me do it. A family were both parents just lost their jobs and they had 2 boys that my things were perfect for. Then with some wonderful Toys R Us deals you posted let me spend only $12.00 but get over $60. worth of more gifts for them. It makes my heart so happy to know there were 5 less children waking up Christmas morning unhappy. That is what your deals all year long help me do. And I live under the poverty level so if i can do it almost anyone can.
    So Thank You Generous Savings for helping me feel extra special joy in my heart each and every holiday season. But now I make sure to stick to the plan and add a little to savings for my son.

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