An Epic Storm of Savings is coming- Be Prepared

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This just in, An EPIC storm is coming this Sunday, 1/6. Apparently 2 different fronts will be colliding this Sunday, to make this one of the biggest weeks of savings of the year.

Front 1- There will be 5 or 6 loaded coupon inserts coming in this Sunday’s paper. Yup, that many coming in 1 paper. Get your New year off right with all the best coupons- here.

Front 2- Shoprite’s can can sale- lots of great deals and savings, Great stockup prices

When these 2 Fronts collide on Sunday morning, there should be Ginormous Savings across the area.


This Epic Savings Storm could impact your entire year, since many of the sale items have a long shelf life. This could impact your wallet in a huge way. More money will be left in it and more groceries will be on your shelves. Additionally, this collision of fronts could impact others around you, if you are able to donate a few deals to your local food pantry.

Some of the most significant effects of this storm include free toothpaste, FREE good n natural bars, $0.99 purex laundry detergent, toilet paper for 9cents a roll  and much more

Additional Warnings:

You may not get all the hot awesome coupons found  here, in your local paper. Actually if you live in NJ, I can pretty much bet you won’t.  Additionally,there is an extremely high risk that these coupon inserts will sell out.

My advice to you is to be prepared. Purchase your coupons NOW to insure that you get the best coupons possible.

Get plenty of rest so that your hands are ready to clip and shop.

Get your fingers, scissors and coupon binders ready. Enlist other people in your family to help with the cutting process if necessary.

Additional measures to be taken-

Share this information with your friends and family, so you can all be prepared together.

Stay tuned for updates with the Generous Savings Shoprite tab.

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  1. Leah says:

    Hahahaha love the storm analogies 😉

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