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Welcome, I’m Stephani, and I am so glad that you are here. Grab some coffee and stay a while!

I am a daughter of the King, wife of my best friend (Keith), and a mother to my sweet 2 boys.  I am a born and raised Jersey girl, still living in Central NJ.

I taught art for 15 years to children with autism and other special needs. So, I love the arts and I have a special place in my  heart for kids on the spectrum.

I love talking, going for coffee with my friends, hanging out with my family, making stuff, …did I mention talking?  I love a good deal, a great freebie and an awesome bargain! I love Jesus, my church, and helping others.

I struggle with getting it all done, organization (I am creative, not organized), and staying calm. ( 😉  )

Want to know more quirky things about me? Check out this post I did a while back in a blogger challenge – 20 Things About Stephani –   It pretty much covers all the bases!

A little about Generous Savings…

At Generous Savings, I am passionate about helping you save money, without spending a lot of time doing so, so that you can provide for your families and even help others! I don’t want you to spend hours couponing just to save a few bucks, I want to give you the tools to easily save hundreds of dollars a month.   Through Generous Savings, I offer a bunch of ways to help you save:

It is my desire to help you save a ton and in turn enable you to bless others with your savings, whether it be by sharing a deal with a friend, grabbing a deal to donate, or donating to your favorite charity with the money you saved grocery shopping!

My Coupon Journey

Keith and I have had many financial struggles during the past few years, since the economy’s downturn several years ago… We have also really seen how the love of money is the root of all evil.   I have seen first hand how hard it can be to make ends meet, and my heart breaks for all of you in similar situations. I am also very aware that much of the world has even less and many are  grateful to get a chance to have a meal each day.

Couponing has become a necessity for us to get by in such tough times, but I have been able to streamline my coupon methods, so that I am saving hundreds of dollars each month.  It has also been a way that I can bless others, locally and around the world, with the freebies and hot deals I grab. Whether it is free toothbrushes, soap and toothpaste,  that I put in Operation Christmas Child boxes or send on missions trips to the Dominican Republic, or free shampoo or sanitary products that I donate to my local food pantry. It blesses me that I can afford to help others through my couponing.

It might sound corny, but I want to save the world one coupon at a time. Or at least Make an Impact on it! I hope if I can share this vision with enough people, we can really make a difference in our communities!

How  Generous Savings  began…

In February of 2010, a friend shared a link on her facebook wall about getting a free cup of Starbucks coffee.  Well, I am all about free coffee, so I clicked on the  link.  My life was  never the same after that.  The fact that my friend shared a post from a coupon blog on facebook changed my life.

The link was from a coupon blog, similar to this one you are reading now.  Picture Charlie walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or how Lucy felt when she first stumbled into Narnia.  What on earth is this I thought?  Where am I? I fell head first into the world of the coupon clipping, deal finding,  blogosphere. Not only was there a post explaining to me about how I could purchase free coffee, but there were many more posts and links telling me how I could get lots of free things.  There were even links to other websites that were similar to the one I had stumbled upon.  I kept clicking and clicking and clicking.

I was stunned, people don’t pay for toothpaste?  Seriously?

I was always a bargain shopper, but I never used coupons that much because I thought they weren’t worth it.  After all, I would only save a few bucks when I used them.  As I kept reading, I realized people saved tons of money with coupons!  They got themselves out of debt, supplemented their income, and went on vacation with their savings!
I dove in head first and started reading blogs and matchups daily.  I made weekly trips to drugstores and started gathering a great stockpile in my basement.  I discovered there is a blog for almost every store imaginable, so I began saving on my groceries too!

I was deeply struck by one blog’s mission to donate and give  out of our abundance.  I could get things with coupon deals for free, and give them away.  All it would cost me was a little time!

I just couldn’t keep all this to myself.  I had to share this with others, so in June of 2010, I gave my first coupon class at my church.  I loved helping others save money, so that they too could give more to their families and to others.  In my classes, I kept pointing people to other blogs, because that is how I was saving so much.  I also commented often on the blogs I read, to help others out by sharing my shopping experiences.  It only made sense that I began my own blog, where I could direct my coupon class attendees to, and share my shopping trips…

So in January, 2011, Generous Savings was born!

So stick around, Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and pinterest, subscribe to our newsletter (upper right corner of the page) and let us help you save money!



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  1. Vickie says:

    Funny, your story is kind of my story except I had been couponing for over 20 years but not the new exciting way (stacking, etc). Also have taught a class at my church and will be doing more as a ministry. Have also consider blogging, would love to hear more!

  2. Jessica F says:

    Love your blog. Love your story. I started my journey around may 2011, but I was really stunned to find out people were getting stuff for free. It is really amazing this couponing world.

  3. Gina says:

    I stop at the Dollar Tree store every week – they have a lot of brand name items, including frozen foods and fresh breads, all for $1 each and they accept coupons as well.

  4. Natalie Turkalo says:

    Hey if you need any supplies we have them! We are a donation center in Red Bank NJ. We are working with other organizations as well. If you need any help with anything that is cleaning help getting supplies for your home and selves anything at all please email me at nataliaturks15@gmail.com. Or call me at (908)477-6443. Our office Hours are from 7am to 8:30 pm.

  5. Teri Jones says:

    I love your site and your heart for generosity. I came across your webpage when I was searching for a link to GraceAnna Lemonade Stand to use on my own site. I look forward to following you. Blessings!

  6. Joanne says:

    Great greeting page. You explained yourself very well and your mission. Great picture too.

  7. Jaci says:

    Hi Stephanie –

    Love your page! I loved your energy last night and knew you were a sister in Christ. You were so sweet & kind to my son – it was his first 3D movie! Great meeting you & I look forward to following you!
    (Jack’s mom)

    • Steph says:

      OHHHH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack is a cute and special little boy! So, glad to know we are Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so nice meeting you! Glad you will be following!!!!!!! OH, you seriously made my nite!

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