A coupon pep talk: Don’t compare yourself-Celebrate YOUR deals!

Sometimes I coupon and get discouraged and I have spoken with some of you and know that you feel the same way at times.  So, I want to try to give you all a coupon pep talk every now and then.

Some of you might see how much I or others save and get discouraged.  Please do not do this!  Do not compare yourself to me or anyone else!  Know that I have been doing this for over a  several years, and I have made plenty of mistakes in the past.  I didn’t always save this much.  Also, I might eat or purchase different things from you which would make my bill different.  So don’t compare yourself to anyone.  Remember that the longer you coupon, the more you will save in the future.  That 10% you save this trip, might be 15% the next trip and by this time next year you could be saving 50-80%.  My hope is that when I post how much I save, you get excited and say, “Wow, by next year I could be saving the same amount”

Also celebrate YOUR victories and good deals,  no matter how small.  Every time you get something free or for pennies on the dollar be proud of yourself, tell your friend or spouse or leave a comment here, so someone can tell you great job!  Getting stuff for free is so much fun, whether it is 1 item or 15 items.  So celebrate your savings, your freebies, your great deals, etc!  It is a lot of work to coupon and I get so excited when it is all over and I look over my receipt and see how much I saved.  I usually have to call my husband or mother immediately after a shopping trip and tell them how I did.  They might be tired of hearing about it, but my mom is happy that I am happy, and my husband is happy that I am saving us money.

So when you are done clipping, organizing and shopping, look over your receipt, calculate your savings, tell someone about your great deals (even if it is us!) and be proud of yourself!

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6 Responses to A coupon pep talk: Don’t compare yourself-Celebrate YOUR deals!

  1. Ava Gacser says:

    Thank you, Steph! You’re right, it is easy to get discouraged sometimes. Thanks for pointing out you should be proud of the savings you do make and that you should realize that you’re constantly improving and learning more. There is definitely a learning curve to couponing! I am glad you’ve provided us with this forum to share our stories and support one another. Keep up the good work!

    • Keith & Steph says:

      aw thank you so much Ava!!! I really appreciate it! Truly! Thanks so much! I hope to start giving you all (and myself too) coupon pep talks every week! and yes, you are constantly improving and learning more! and I am too!

  2. tammie starnes says:

    I went to Shoprite today and planned it out pretty well. Spent $119.31 but the savings were $151.37 and I received $14 in catalina for future purchases. It caught the mans attention behind me. He was impressed. 🙂 Hope my honey is too. Lot’s of fruit and veggies this trip-mostly organic, thanks to Olvia’s organics!
    Some weeks are better than others, but what a great stock pile I am getting. And some great donations too! 🙂

    • Keith & Steph says:

      Tammie, that is super great!!! You still saved more than you spent! that is a savings of over 50% ! awesome. It took me a long time before I could do that. awesome thanks for sharing! that is fantastic! 🙂

  3. Tatyana says:

    I’ve been couponing for about a month now and I’m saving 50-90%. I’m proud and super excited!!

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