10 Reasons to start couponing in the New Year

10 reasons to start couponing

Happy New Year! It’s the time when people are making goals and resolutions for the new year! Maybe you have made some resolutions or maybe you are trying to figure out what your New Year’s Resolutions should be.  Let me encourage you to start couponing this year. Or at least try couponing.  Here are 10 fantastic reasons, why NOW is the Time to start couponing!  (Or get back on the couponing bandwagon!) 

  1. There is no better time than the present to save money.
  2. You are motivated, because it is a fresh start, a new year. and you are making resolutions and stuff
  3. Stores are having HUGE Sales with HUGE Savings – I.E- Shoprite‘s Super can can sale! (through the 2nd week of January!)
  4. Newspapers are LOADED with coupons! Did you see what is coming in the paper this week? Check out our newspaper previews here. It’s INSANE.
  5. You don’t even have to clip those fantastic coupons. Just place an order here, and your favorite coupons will arrive in the  mailbox already clipped for you.  (Um, and YES, that is what I did! I don’t have time for clipping newspaper coupons anymore, but I do have time for saving tons of money)
  6. Printable coupons are also in abundance. Maybe it’s cause they know I will be writing a post like this encouraging you to start couponing, but whatever the case, there are tons of great coupons to print right now! Get started here.
  7. It has never been easier to coupon, with loads of coupon blogs available, offering awesome money saving tools like the coupon database, how to coupon posts, and store deals/matchups directory (don’t see your store there? Just ask me, and I will do my best to get it added!)
  8.  I have a facebook group, just for you, where I can personally answer your coupon questions! Join here.
  9. It’s the middle of winter, the perfect time to learn a new skill. I mean really, it’s not like couponing will be taking you away from time at the pool or the beach at the moment,  right? Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, watch the snow fall, order some coupons, read all of my how to coupon posts and start saving money!
  10. Did I mention there is no better time to start saving money, other than right now?

Can you think of any other reasons that make the New Year a fantastic time to start couponing?

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